Elementary Teacher Tips

Easy DIY Flip Sticks Help with Classroom Management

Use flip sticks made from craft sticks to help with classroom management. Keep track of which students you have called on and which still need a turn. Create a llama, unicorn, watermelon, or pineapple stick to match your class theme.

Do you have some craft sticks or popsicle sticks stashed away in your teacher cupboard or craft area? They make amazing tools for classroom management! You can use a random craft stick to create equal opportunities for your students to participate and share responses in class. (You can also use them for chore sticks, instead…

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Teacher Christmas Gifts We Really Do Want This Year

Great teacher Christmas gifts to give to your child's teacher this year. A great list to get some ideas for educational gifts.

The holiday season is stressful and adding in buying your kids’ teacher Christmas gifts doesn’t help take the stress away. It just makes it worse! The good news is that we really don’t expect anything. Honestly. A genuine “thank you” goes a long way. We would all be happy with an amazing trip to the…

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Learn How Differentiated Math Centers Help with Test Data

Differentiated math lessons are easy to create with math centers. Provide math interventions that differentiate your instruction and engage your students. Learn to use your testing data to reach all your students at their level.

Using your test data to create differentiated math centers can be hard and overwhelming. There is so much information provided when you look at your student’s scores. Compound that by however many students you have and you are in an instant state of feeling lost and in over your head. Differentiated math lessons don’t have…

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Teacher Created Resources is OK, But TPT Will Blow Your Mind

Teacher Created Resources is good, but this site is 1000x better and offers better quality lessons.

Shopping online for teacher-created resources can sometimes be overwhelming. There are a number of options and while some of them look good on the surface, they are not all created equal. The site “Teacher Created Resources” looks like it might be a great resource for teaching resources. The site offers borders, free lessons, and classroom…

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Using Teacher Created Materials in Your Classroom

Using teacher created materials in your classroom is a great way to engage your students.

It wasn’t very long ago that if you were using teacher created materials, you made them yourself or you were using a copy from the teacher down the hall (or the one you replaced). Times have changed and it is easy to access teaching materials that have been created by teachers for teachers. Benefits of…

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How to Increase Your Productivity

Increase your productivity and get more done in a day. Using the Pomodoro Technique you can focus on time management, getting tasks finished, and increasing your focus. Use these tips at work, at home and as a college student.

It’s easier than you may think to change your work habits and increase your productivity. With a simple technique called the Pomodoro Technique, you can change your work routine, retain more information, and accomplish more on your to-do list each day. Little adjustments to your day will help you to increase your productivity. How Can…

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How to Find Your Teacher Work-Life Balance

Find your teacher work-life balance by learning tips on paying bills, grocery shopping, and finding more time. Balancing teaching and personal life can be hard. Work life balance tips for teachers can help make the process easier. Whether you are working as a teacher or you work from home as a teacher with a side hustle, the struggle is the same. Learn to find the balance.

There are a number of ways to create a teacher work-life balance. As busy teachers, we know our workday doesn’t end just because the final dismissal bell rings! In fact, we usually have a ton of work to bring home with us. Add to that the regular household duties like cooking, cleaning, shopping, caring for…

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9 Habits of a Highly Organized Person

9 habits of highly organized people do. Learn to be an organized person and more productive. How many habits of organized people do you already do?

1. Be Early. Not on Time. Early The more time you give yourself to arrive where you need to be, the less stressed you will be. It’s one of the easiest ways to make yourself a more organized person. Giving yourself more time leads to clearer thinking, time to finish a few last minute things…

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Teaching with Board Games in the Classroom

Teaching with board games is a fun way to have students enjoy their learning. Great for math and literacy centers. Kids will have fun playing and teachers will enjoy that they are practicing math and reading skills at the same time.

Teaching with board games is one of my favorite things. Board games have always been one of my obsessions. Some of my earliest memories are playing “Sorry” and eating popcorn. Sitting on the floor playing “Uno” when I barely knew my colors and I was just learning to recognize my numbers. Being part of a…

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A Quick Guide to Designing No Cut FlipBooks

No Cutting Flip Book: Learn to make your own with a template and my free course.

These little books are AMAZing! I have always loved the idea of flipbooks, but I would get lost in the printing, cutting, and piecing back together of regular flipbooks. There always seems to be a ton of paper to keep track of and organize. How Do You Start Making FlipBooks A no cut flipbook template…

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How to Organize Task Cards in Your Classroom

Task card organization for your classroom. Options to help you store and reuse your task cards every year. Rhoda Design Studio

If you organize task cards in your classroom they will be easy to access, last for years, and it makes them more bright and cheery! Even if you aren’t a person who usually identifies as “being organized”, adopting habits of organized people can help to start you in the right direction. Task cards are a…

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Your Guide to a Flexible Seating Classroom

Do you have a flexible seating classroom this year? Are you thinking of trying out a flexible seating classroom? This blog post will help you go over the expectations you have for your students and their seat choices. flexible seating, free seating choices, alternative seating options

Are you choosing a flexible seating classroom each day? Where do you choose to work when you have the option? I find myself moving around the house with my laptop. Sometimes it’s the kitchen table. Other times I am on the couch with my laptop in my lap. If I’m just reading I might lay…

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Classroom Management with Brag Tags

Classroom management with brag tags. Everyday celebrations, classroom rewards, math facts, classroom economy.

Classroom management is essential to a healthy well-organized classroom. Rewarding your students for their positive behavior and working hard toward their goals has more impact than focusing on negative behaviors. *this post contains affiliate links, please read my disclosure for more information Classroom Management Systems There are a number of systems that you can use…

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Spelling City for Differentiated Spelling

Use Spelling City to help differentiate your spelling levels. Strategies to help students spell by providing activities and games that are fun and rigorous. Spelling lists are provided for elementary and upper elementary grades. #rhodadesignstudio

There are many activities, lists, and ways to differentiate your spelling. Ideally, your differentiated spelling lists would be created from words that each student struggles with. Their own unique spelling lists. Unfortunately, that is a heavy workload! And most of us work in districts that have purchased $30,000 worth of reading curriculum such as McGraw…

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My Philosophy of Education

My Philosophy of Education has always been to do what is best for children and to teach the way they learn best!

My philosophy of education has been the same since the time I decided to become a teacher, I have had an idea of what type of teacher I would be and how my room would be organized to provide the best possible learning environment for my students. The room may change, but my overall goals…

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Interactive Math Centers and Lessons

Create math blocks with time for interactive math practice to increase mathematical skills. Rhoda Design Studio

Our school focus this year is to increase our students’ math abilities. We focused on reading a few years ago, carved out reading blocks, and saw a huge increase in their abilities and levels. In the process, our math has suffered a little. Finding a way to introduce interactive math will hopefully help us to…

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Saving Passwords for Websites and Apps

24 colorful name tags and password cards. Print as many website cards as needed to keep track of your students user names and passwords. Great for sites like MobyMax, Wonders student area, NWEA Skills Navigator, and more!

Saving Passwords for websites and apps that you use in the classroom can become a management nightmare. The more sites that you have your students access that need individual usernames and passwords, the more information you need to keep track of. If you don’t you will be fiddling with the recovery process each time a…

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