Elementary Teacher Tips

How to Increase Your Productivity

Increase your productivity and get more done in a day. Using the Pomodoro Technique you can focus on time management, getting tasks finished, and increasing your focus. Use these tips at work, at home and as a college student.

Increase Your Productivity It’s easier than you may think to change your work habits and become more productive. With a simple technique called the Pomodoro Technique, you can change your work routine, retain more information, and accomplish more on your to-do list each day. Little adjustments to your day will help you to increase your…

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Teaching with Board Games in the Classroom

Teaching with board games is a fun way to have students enjoy their learning. Great for math and literacy centers. Kids will have fun playing and teachers will enjoy that they are practicing math and reading skills at the same time.

Teaching with Board Games in the Classroom Teaching with board games is one of my favorite things. Board games have always been one of my obsessions. Some of my earliest memories are playing “Sorry” and eating popcorn. Sitting on the floor playing “Uno” when I barely knew my colors and I was just learning to…

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Classroom Management with Brag Tags

Classroom management with brag tags. Everyday celebrations, classroom rewards, math facts, classroom economy.

Brag Tags for Classroom Management Classroom management is essential to a healthy well-organized classroom. Rewarding your students for their positive behavior and working hard toward their goals has more impact than focusing on negative behaviors. *this post contains affiliate links, please read my disclosure for more information Classroom Management Systems There are a number of…

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Classroom Math Intervention Strategies

Classroom Math Intervention Strategies. If you are like most teachers, you have a room full of eager learners who struggle at different math concepts. How do you implement math intervention strategies that fulfill the needs of each of those students and still keep your sanity?

Math Intervention Strategies If you are like most teachers, you have a room full of eager learners who struggle with different math concepts. How do you implement math intervention strategies that fulfill the needs of each of those students and still keep your sanity? Creating a differentiated learning plan for each of your kids can…

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Spelling City for Differentiated Spelling

Use Spelling City to help differentiate your spelling levels. Strategies to help students spell by providing activities and games that are fun and rigorous. Spelling lists are provided for elementary and upper elementary grades. #rhodadesignstudio

Differentiated Spelling Lists There are many activities, lists, and ways to differentiate your spelling. Ideally, your differentiated spelling lists would be created from words that each student struggles with. Their own unique spelling lists. Unfortunately, that is a heavy workload! And most of us work in districts that have purchased $30,000 worth of reading curriculum…

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My Philosophy of Education

My Philosophy of Education has always been to do what is best for children and to teach the way they learn best!

Philosophy of Education My philosophy of education has been the same since the time I decided to become a teacher, I have had an idea of what type of teacher I would be and how my room would be organized to provide the best possible learning environment for my students. The room may change, but…

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Interactive Math Centers and Lessons

Create math blocks with time for interactive math practice to increase mathematical skills. Rhoda Design Studio

Interactive Math Our school focus this year is to increase our students’ math abilities. We focused on reading a few years ago, carved out reading blocks, and saw a huge increase in their abilities and levels. In the process, our math has suffered a little. Finding a way to introduce interactive math will hopefully help…

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Saving Passwords for Websites and Apps

24 colorful name tags and password cards. Print as many website cards as needed to keep track of your students user names and passwords. Great for sites like MobyMax, Wonders student area, NWEA Skills Navigator, and more!

Saving Passwords Saving Passwords for websites and apps that you use in the classroom can become a management nightmare. The more sites that you have your students access that need individual usernames and passwords, the more information you need to keep track of. If you don’t you will be fiddling with the recovery process each…

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My Goals Lapbook for MAPs and Lexile

My Goals Lapbook by Rhoda Design Studio. Tracking MAPs test goals and Lexile reading levels.

Goals Lapbook Our district is moving towards personalized learning. This school year the high school will be transitioning a few classes. Elementary teachers are starting to prep our students by making them more accountable for their own learning. After a few days of training and learning about how to use our NWEA MAPs score, I…

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DIY Dairy Crate Stools

A DIY tutorial on how to make crate stools out of dairy crates. Use in your classroom, dorm room, or kids play room. Rhoda Design Studio

Crate Stools Dairy crate stools (or even non-dairy) are all the rage right now! You can purchase them from any of the major vendors like Target & Walmart. And they come in loads of colors!! It’s almost distracting and overwhelming with all the choices. Makes me want to have a rainbow room! Almost. I was going…

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Ugly Filing Cabinet Makeover

Change a nasty looking filing cabinet into something cute. Contact paper, duct tape, and spray paint for a great filing cabinet makeover. Rhoda Design Studio

Filing Cabinet Makeover It’s time for a filing cabinet makeover! We all have one. That nasty beat up filing cabinet that has been in the building since the beginning of time. I usually try to hide mine in a corner or somewhere unobtrusive because it’s a massive eyesore and just takes up space. This year…

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Classroom Makeover: Bulletins Ready

Classroom makeover part two. Bulletin boards. Rhoda Studio

Classroom Bulletins All of the foundations are set. I spent a couple of days in my room gluing new cork over a chalkboard, painting a bookshelf, starting a filing cabinet makeover, and hanging new paper and borders on bulletins. You can see the “before” photos in this post: Classroom Makeover: part 1 It seems so…

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New Classroom Makeover

I am redoing my room. My new classroom will have a color theme, bulletins created by me that I also sell on TPT, and the Daily 5. Read more on the blog.

New Classroom Design I’m moving to a new classroom. For the past 5 years, I have taught junior high and high school art. This year I am heading back to the elementary school. I will be teaching the 3rd/4th combination classroom. The classroom that will be my new teaching space was formerly the teacher workroom…

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