Lessons and Interventions

Easy to Use Free Multiplication Game Printables

Get a free multiplication game that your child or students can color and play with to practice their facts. Multiplication strategies and ideas for practicing math without timed tests.

There are a number of ways for students to learn the multiplication facts, including free multiplication games. Skill and drill just won’t cut it anymore. If you want to learn about other ways to practice math facts, check out this book Times Up on Timed Tests. Kids dread the skill and drill practice. Timed tests are…

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Learn How Differentiated Math Centers Help with Test Data

Differentiated math lessons are easy to create with math centers. Provide math interventions that differentiate your instruction and engage your students. Learn to use your testing data to reach all your students at their level.

Using your test data to create differentiated math centers can be hard and overwhelming. There is so much information provided when you look at your student’s scores. Compound that by however many students you have and you are in an instant state of feeling lost and in over your head. Differentiated math lessons don’t have…

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Teacher Created Resources is OK, But TPT Will Blow Your Mind

Teacher Created Resources is good, but this site is 1000x better and offers better quality lessons.

Shopping online for teacher-created resources can sometimes be overwhelming. There are a number of options and while some of them look good on the surface, they are not all created equal. The site “Teacher Created Resources” looks like it might be a great resource for teaching resources. The site offers borders, free lessons, and classroom…

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Using Teacher Created Materials in Your Classroom

Using teacher created materials in your classroom is a great way to engage your students.

It wasn’t very long ago that if you were using teacher created materials, you made them yourself or you were using a copy from the teacher down the hall (or the one you replaced). Times have changed and it is easy to access teaching materials that have been created by teachers for teachers. Benefits of…

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Top 5 Ways to Use Google Classroom for Math Practice

5 ways to use google classroom for math practice. Click here to read more...

Google Classroom for math practice is becoming more and more common. If it’s a link to a website, a pre-made Google Slide resource, a self-correcting Google Form, or even a document, it can be used in Google Classroom. Top 5 Ways to Use Google Classroom for Math Practice 1. A link to a website. You can…

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How to Use Math Interventions in a Digital Classroom

Digital Classroom. Google Classroom. Classroom Math Intervention Strategies for Elementary Teachers. Task card bundles. Rhoda Design Studio

There are loads of interventions that require printing, organizing, laminating, etc. If you are wanting to implement digital classroom resources, then how do you customize your interventions and keep a paperless environment? In this series, I will discuss some of the things I like to incorporate into my 3rd/4th grade blended classroom. Other posts include:…

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Google Earth Tours in the Classroom

Creating a Google Earth Tour with Step by Step Directions

Creating lessons that integrate technology and provide information your students can relate to can sometimes be difficult. Google Earth Tours is a great way to show students how the great big world actually relates to them. It shows them how they are part of the whole. Their community is a part of the larger system.…

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Using iPads for Reading Literacy

Reading Literacy with iPads. Technology in the classroom. Rhoda Design Studio

Reading is a fundamental component of education. Using iPads for reading in the primary grades to focus on reading basics such as letter recognition and sounds in preparation for putting those concepts together to create words is a great way to integrate technology into your reading program. From there it is reading multiple words in…

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Do You Use MobyMax and NWEA MAPs Reports

Learn how to use Moby Max with NWEA Maps testing practice to increase student growth. Mobymax math and NWEA reports work together to help you engage students in NWEA prep that is meaningful and fun. #rhodadesignstudio

MobyMax and NWEA together allow a teacher to select the lessons that a student practices and fills in gaps that have been identified through NWEA testing. Using the two allows you to use reports (NWEA and MobyMax) to individualize student learning. Our district has been using NWEA Testing for years. This year we have started…

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Spelling City for Differentiated Spelling

Use Spelling City to help differentiate your spelling levels. Strategies to help students spell by providing activities and games that are fun and rigorous. Spelling lists are provided for elementary and upper elementary grades. #rhodadesignstudio

There are many activities, lists, and ways to differentiate your spelling. Ideally, your differentiated spelling lists would be created from words that each student struggles with. Their own unique spelling lists. Unfortunately, that is a heavy workload! And most of us work in districts that have purchased $30,000 worth of reading curriculum such as McGraw…

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Interactive Math Centers and Lessons

Create math blocks with time for interactive math practice to increase mathematical skills. Rhoda Design Studio

Our school focus this year is to increase our students’ math abilities. We focused on reading a few years ago, carved out reading blocks, and saw a huge increase in their abilities and levels. In the process, our math has suffered a little. Finding a way to introduce interactive math will hopefully help us to…

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My Goals Lapbook for MAPs and Lexile

My Goals Lapbook by Rhoda Design Studio. Tracking MAPs test goals and Lexile reading levels.

Our district is moving towards personalized learning. This school year the high school will be transitioning a few classes. Elementary teachers are starting to prep our students by making them more accountable for their own learning. After a few days of training and learning about how to use our NWEA MAPs score, I wanted a…

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Wonders Reading Program for 3rd Grade

Third grade spelling and grammar centers. Based on the Wonders Reading Program. Created by Rhoda Design Studio. Sold on TpT

What program do you use for literacy and language? Our school has the Wonders Reading program and all of the components that go with it. Learning to implement it and still have time in the day is one of my summer goals. After a whirlwind spring teaching math to grades 5-8, I have been assigned…

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