Teacher Side-Hustle

How to Create a Great Cover for TPT Products

Get tips on creating a cover for your TPT products. Make great product covers and get potential buyers attention.

When you create a cover for TPT products, you are essentially creating the packaging of your resource. It’s the first thing a potential buyer will see. It’s what makes them stop and look at your product in a sea of hundreds of others. No pressure.   These guidelines on how to create a great cover…

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Recommendations for Your Side Hustle

This resource page was created to have an easy list of recommendations for services, products, and companies that I use and/or those I know are valuable for you to reference. This way you can quickly find great products and services to use as you start your own teacher side-hustle.

This resource page was created to have an easy list of recommended services, products, and companies that I use and/or those I know are valuable for you to reference. This way you can quickly find great products and services to use as you start your own teacher side-hustle. *this post contains affiliate links, please read my disclosure for…

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When is the Best Time to Sell my TPT Product

What is the best time to sell my TPT product? When should I upload my Teachers Pay Teachers resource? Read the blog to learn more.

This question pops up for new sellers frequently. You have just finished a resource that you poured so much energy into that it feels like a member of the family now. The next thought that pops into your head is “when is the best time to sell my TPT product”? Do I list it right…

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5 Tips for Using Pinterest for TPT

Which one marketing platform do you prefer to use for your Teachers Pay Teachers marketing. Learn how to use Pinterest for TPT to generate traffic and sales.

If you had to choose one marketing platform for TPT to learn and master, which would you choose? If you’re selling products on Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT), you probably already know the value of social media to some extent. After all, your entire TPT business is online-based and requires some time spent marketing your products.…

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How Do You Get More Website Traffic?

Get more traffic to your website by learning how to optimize your content. Learn about what you should be doing to get more website traffic.

Content is king. Creating content isn’t always easy. It takes time. It takes thought. And sometimes you just don’t want to focus on that. However, if you want to get more website traffic and generate more sales, then you need to be creating more content. Even when there are things on your to-do list that…

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Where to Get Cute Graphics and Teacher Fonts

Find cute graphics and fonts for your Teachers Pay Teachers Products. Learn how to find the best clipart with this blog post.

Student’s enjoy having fun activities and teachers like the visual variety. If you’ve been looking around TPT for any amount of time, you’ve probably noticed that many sellers use nice clipart and type for their products. Cute graphics and fonts can be used to help you to amp up your TPT products by adding color, style,…

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Maximize Your Marketing with UTM Code Tracking

Use a custom UTM code generator for tracking your traffic that creates sales on Teachers Pay Teachers. Where should you be spending your time marketing?

There is a fancy trick to determining where your traffic is originating on Teachers Pay Teachers: it’s called UTM code. And it’s readily available on your TPT dashboard. The trick is remembering it’s there and how to use it. Why is this generator so cool? It’s because it will show you if your time and…

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How to Increase Your Productivity

Increase your productivity and get more done in a day. Using the Pomodoro Technique you can focus on time management, getting tasks finished, and increasing your focus. Use these tips at work, at home and as a college student.

It’s easier than you may think to change your work habits and increase your productivity. With a simple technique called the Pomodoro Technique, you can change your work routine, retain more information, and accomplish more on your to-do list each day. Little adjustments to your day will help you to increase your productivity. How Can…

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10 Easy Steps to Marketing Your TPT Shop with Pinterest

There are 10 easy steps to marketing your business with Pinterest. Read the blog to learn all ten!

One hundred million people can’t be wrong about marketing with Pinterest. Or we all have major addictions. People are visual by nature. Proof of that is watching Pinterest’s audience and users reach sky high numbers year after year. Pinterest is the 2nd largest search engine not owned by Google! *this post contains affiliate links, please…

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The Best Grammar Help for Teacher-Authors

Grammarly is the best online grammar resource for teachers who create blog posts, online teaching materials, and want a grammar resource for their classrooms.

Grammarly is a tool that that is great for grammar help, and I didn’t even realize I needed until I started using it. Usually, I rely on the blue or red underlines in Microsoft Word as a grammar resource to tell me when I have spelled something wrong (or my fingers have gone all wonky…

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Blogging is a Great Side Hustle for Teachers

Blogging is a great side hustle for teachers to generate an extra income. Starting a blog as a teacher is one way to generate extra money and traffic for your Teachers Pay Teachers shop. Blogging for money is a way to create a passive income that allows you to pay off debt, save for retirement, or work at home while spending more time with your family.

Blogging is a great side hustle. Right up there with Teachers Pay Teachers. Truthfully, they go hand in hand. You can definitely make enough money to pay off debt, increase your savings, or free up the monthly budget with just one. Blending them together will help you increase your traffic and make more sales. *this post…

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How to Increase Your TPT Sales with Online Courses

There are two great ways to increase your sales on TPT. The first is a common piece of advice that you will hear repeated on the forums almost as much as you repeat “no, it’s not time to go out for recess yet”. *this post contains affiliate links, please read my disclosure for more information Produce…

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The Benefits of Creating Teacher Resources

Why do you create teacher resources. Creating resources is beneficial for both you and your students. #rhodadesignstudio #rhodastudio

Every teacher knows and understands the importance of resources when it comes to teaching and we all spend time creating teacher resources in one format or another. All teachers are busy! While most teachers opt for the general resources that already exist (or are provided through their district), there are those who also feel the…

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