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Why Should You Hire a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

Why should you hire a Pinterest Virtual Assistant? Traffic helps grow your online business. Increase the sales of your teacher resources, get more views to your blog, or get more newsletter sign ups. Read the blog post to learn how they can help you grow your business and increase your traffic.

Hiring a Pinterest Virtual Assistant works the same way as hiring a general assistant, only with a specific focus. If you’ve been anywhere in the world of blogging or surfing the web anytime in the last 8-9 years, you’ve heard of Pinterest. Most likely you have been paying attention to the discussion, you know that…

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What Does a Pinterest Virtual Assistant Do?

What Does a Pinterest Virtual Assistant Do? How can you increase traffic to your site or shop and generate more sales? Hire a Pinterest Virtual assistant to grow your income and generate more traffic. Rhoda Design Studio

With all this talk lately about how a Pinterest virtual assistant can benefit you and some of the top 3 reasons to use one, you may be wondering what, exactly, does a Pinterest virtual assistant do? The answer is, a good one does loads of things! Things like… *this post contains affiliate links, please read…

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Market Your Site While Getting Your Hair Done

Market Your Site While You Get Your Hair Done. You always have your Smartphone with you. Use it to ramp up your side hustle.

It’s really easy to fall into a pattern of thinking that you can only use your marketing technique for your site and work on your side hustle or business while you are sitting in your office (or in my case on my favorite couch…#couchhustler) working on your laptop. Except, with that handy little computer you…

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Start a Teacher WordPress Blog on SiteGround

Start a WordPress Teacher Blog on SiteGround. An educational blog is a place to share your creative teaching lessons and start designing a side hustle. Pricing options for WordPress hosting. Traffic and sales on your teachers pay teacher site.

Blogging is what generates traffic for your shop, and starting a WordPress blog on SiteGround is a great way to start. Your customers and clients need to have a reason to return to your site, they also need to know why they should hire you beside you stating that “you’re the best”. If you can…

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9 Most Common Words Used by Teachers on TPT

What are some of the Most Common Words Used by Teachers who sell on Teachers Pay Teachers? You hear or read all these terms but they don’t mean anything to you. It’s like being a student in 3rd or 4th grade again and reading a book that isn’t “just right”. You hold up your hand while…

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Marketing with Instagram: How to Generate Traffic

10 Reasons to market your website on Instagram. An infographic that shows you the 10 key steps. Click to see more.

Are you marketing with Instagram to promote your business? I’ve gathered 10 reasons you should use Instagram as a way to connect with your audience… Not Just Because All the “Cool” Kids Do It There is always something new and trendy coming out. Why jump on another band-wagon? Instagram is not just another trend! I’ve already blogged…

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Creating a Rotating Banner for TPT

Creating a rotating banner on Teachers Pay Teachers. Video Tutorial and PDF. Rhoda Design Studio

Why do you need a rotating banner for your shop? If you have a favorite quote, you can type it in here. It will display as a block of text at the top of your store. It’s pretty valuable real estate. Above the fold. First thing buyers see when they come to your shop. And…

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Experienced Sellers Share Advice for A New TpT Seller

Learn to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers. Top Tips for New TpT Sellers. Make money online as a teacher by creating a side-hustle selling lesson plans. Rhoda Design Studio

Being a new TpT seller can be very overwhelming. Creating products, learning new software, flattening and locking products, using Pinterest for traffic generation, and all this while keeping up with your family and classroom. It’s a learning curve. What better way to figure out your next steps than some advice from experienced sellers on Teachers…

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The Basics of Selling TPT Resources: 10 More Tips

10 More Selling Basics of Selling TPT resources. Free Checklist.

You’ve started to figure out some of the basics of selling TPT products and how to navigate the Teachers Pay Teachers platform. There are just so many things to learn about selling your resources. If you are like me, you have a question, you Google it, and then you scour a blog, forum, etc. until…

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Using Pinterest for Your Business

Using Pinterest for your business marketing doesn't have to be hard. Read more on the blog.

Maybe you aren’t sure if Pinterest is for you. Or maybe you think that because you offer a service that Pinterest won’t work. It will. And you can learn more by playing around and experimenting with pins and graphics. Using Pinterest for your business is one of the best choices you can make. *this post contains…

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How I Increased My Pinterest Followers by 44%

There are 6 easy steps that I implemented on my Pinterest account. I increased my Pinterest followers by 44% in 6 weeks. Read more!

I’m going to give you some tips and explain how I increased my Pinterest followers by 44% over the past 6 weeks. Using your Pinterest account as a source of blog and website traffic is very easy when you implement a few techniques that create pinnable images and increase your pins exposure in the Pinterest…

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Marketing Your Site or Blog Online

A blog post with links to the best resources on the blog for growing your business through online marketing. Click now to read!

Marketing your small business can sometimes seem overwhelming or like it isn’t creating results. If you haven’t had a chance to do some research yet on how to promote your website, I have made a quick list of posts that you can use as a reference. These are some of the main posts that I have…

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This One Simple Trick Will Increase Pinterest Traffic

This one simple trick will increase Pinterest traffic. Pinterest marketing is easy when you know some of the secrets. Click to learn more.

One tip. Just this one trick will increase Pinterest traffic and followers. This is all it really takes. *this post contains affiliate links, please read my disclosure for more information Great images. Ideally sized, visually pleasing images. You are probably shaking your fist at the screen right now and telling me “I know that I…

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What the Harry Potter Lego Game Taught Me…

What I learned from the Harry Potter Lego game and playing with my son. Life lessons on the blog.

Now that my kids own a gaming system, I have started to play again. It’s not the same as my good ol’ Mario Bros but I have discovered Lego Harry Potter. And that makes me Happy. Growing up I was an old-school Nintendo girl. Mario Brothers the original and then Super Mario 3 were my…

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Top 10 Reasons You Need Social Media Marketing

The Top 10 Reasons you need to be marketing your business on social media. Social Media Marketing by Rhoda Design Studio. Click to read more!

We are all out there. Somewhere on one platform or another. And sometimes it starts to feel like it is sucking you under. A huge title wave washing over your head and it’s tweeting at you the entire time (no lovely ocean sounds there!). It’s necessary. If you want people to find you in the…

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How To Rock Your Content Marketing

Rock your content marketing with these tips and tricks. Increase your site’s traffic and conversions by giving your readers more. Increase sales by generating more visitors and increasing brand awareness.

You’ve probably been hearing this term all over the place. But what the heck is it? It’s the process of having focused and consistent information that you share with your audience. It’s your blog posts, ebooks, infographics, social media feeds, and anything else that is written and shared. Content Marketing is: A strategic marketing approach…

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Creating Images with PicMonkey for Instagram and Pinterest

Creating images with PicMonkey for your blog, website, Instagram or shop. Easy to learn and use. Read the tutorial.

Yesterday’s post was about using Photoshop to create your images for use on Instagram and Pinterest. Not everyone has Photoshop or can justify the cost. There is another way to edit your images. Creating images with PicMonkey for Instagram images is free for basic use is$3.99 a month (if you purchase a 12-month sub). If you want just…

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Creating Images for Instagram and Pinterest

How to Make Images Pinterest, Instagram, your website or your blog. A step by step tutorial.

You know the drill. Instagram and Pinterest are the way to get your business in front of your audience. But figuring out how to make all those images and be consistent can be a nightmare. You start looking at all the great inspiration and think “I can make that”. Then you see another image. “Ooooh.…

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