Teachers Saving Money

Tips for Teachers Saving Money for Retirement

Saving money for retirement can be a little tricky. Read more about teachers saving for retirement.

Do you have enough saved to retire? While it can definitely be hard to project 25 or 30 years in advance, that’s exactly what teachers who plan to retire should do. When should you start saving? The sooner you start, the faster your money will grow so try to start as soon as possible. How…

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How Can Teachers Pay Off Debt Fast

Pay off debt fast by paying more on your credit cards, saving money each month, and more. Read the post to learn more.

Is there such a thing as a wealthy teacher? It’s probably safe to say the answer to that question is a quick “no!” Most teachers are very good at their money management. You have to be to live on a teacher’s salary and manage a classroom on a teacher’s budget. However, sometimes you accrue some…

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How to Find Your Teacher Work-Life Balance

Find your teacher work-life balance by learning tips on paying bills, grocery shopping, and finding more time. Balancing teaching and personal life can be hard. Work life balance tips for teachers can help make the process easier. Whether you are working as a teacher or you work from home as a teacher with a side hustle, the struggle is the same. Learn to find the balance.

There are a number of ways to create a teacher work-life balance. As busy teachers, we know our workday doesn’t end just because the final dismissal bell rings! In fact, we usually have a ton of work to bring home with us. Add to that the regular household duties like cooking, cleaning, shopping, caring for…

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Your Guide to a Flexible Seating Classroom

Do you have a flexible seating classroom this year? Are you thinking of trying out a flexible seating classroom? This blog post will help you go over the expectations you have for your students and their seat choices. flexible seating, free seating choices, alternative seating options

Are you choosing a flexible seating classroom each day? Where do you choose to work when you have the option? I find myself moving around the house with my laptop. Sometimes it’s the kitchen table. Other times I am on the couch with my laptop in my lap. If I’m just reading I might lay…

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Classroom Management with Brag Tags

Classroom management with brag tags. Everyday celebrations, classroom rewards, math facts, classroom economy.

Classroom management is essential to a healthy well-organized classroom. Rewarding your students for their positive behavior and working hard toward their goals has more impact than focusing on negative behaviors. *this post contains affiliate links, please read my disclosure for more information Classroom Management Systems There are a number of systems that you can use…

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DIY Dairy Crate Stools

A DIY tutorial on how to make crate stools out of dairy crates. Use in your classroom, dorm room, or kids play room. Rhoda Design Studio

Dairy crate stools (or even non-dairy) are all the rage right now! You can purchase them from any of the major vendors like Target & Walmart. And they come in loads of colors!! It’s almost distracting and overwhelming with all the choices. Makes me want to have a rainbow room! Almost. I was going to buy…

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Classroom Makeover: Classroom Reveal 2016-17

I’ve been working in my room so I could write about this classroom reveal most of the summer! This room was previously used as a teacher workroom, the speech pathologists room, and an extra room for the paras to pull a few kids and work with them in small groups. The past five years I…

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Ugly Filing Cabinet Makeover

Change a nasty looking filing cabinet into something cute. Contact paper, duct tape, and spray paint for a great filing cabinet makeover. Rhoda Design Studio

It’s time for a filing cabinet makeover! We all have one. That nasty beat up filing cabinet that has been in the building since the beginning of time. I usually try to hide mine in a corner or somewhere unobtrusive because it’s a massive eyesore and just takes up space. This year I decided I…

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Classroom Makeover: Bulletins Ready

Classroom makeover part two. Bulletin boards. Rhoda Studio

All of the foundations are set. I spent a couple of days in my room gluing new cork over a chalkboard, painting a bookshelf, starting a filing cabinet makeover, and hanging new paper and borders on bulletins. You can see the “before” photos in this post: Classroom Makeover: part 1 It seems so simple, yet…

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