Distance Learning Lessons That You Can Differentiate

Distance learning is not easy.

You can’t give your students immediate feedback while they practice new skills. Instruction through writing is complicated (especially when they are still learning to read!). And if you thought they weren’t paying attention when you were right in front of them, imagine how distracted they can be when you are talking to them through a device.

The same tool that they associate with game time. Not learning time!

Finding resources that you can use to differentiate instruction takes time. And now you are presenting that information in a completely different way.

You can’t just run down to the copier and make a few packets (although paper practice is a great thing too).

Emails need to be gathered and entered. Student’s need to be taught how to use the platform that you are using. And THEN they need to learn the concept or skill that you are presenting.

It can seem overwhelming and frustrating.

These resources will help to take away some of that frustration. They are easy to use and students love using them as practice.

If you need help figuring out Google Classroom you can check out this post.

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Distance Learning Lessons

These digital resources will help you keep your students learning and engaged. Math and reading skills grow with practice. Using these resources will help you reach your students through distance learning.