Finding the Time to Create TPT Products

A 7 Day Email Challenge

A 7 day email challenge to help you create a product or resource for Teachers Pay Teachers. Prompts to help you focus and be productive.

The goal of this challenge is to make time each day to work on a product or resource.

You will create a product by working only 20 minutes a day. If you are like me, you think that having a huge chunk of time to focus is the only way to get something done.

Or you feel that something isn’t done well if you have to walk away from it in the middle of your process.

With this challenge, we are going to break the process of creating a product into smaller steps.

You will have a completed project by the end of the challenge and it will only take 20 minutes each day.

If you have more time to devote to working on the resource, that is fine. You can definitely work more than 20 minutes a day. This is our minimum goal.

If you have never made a product for TPT, you have to list a free item first. The focus of these emails will be to create your first free listing. If you have already created a free item to list on TPT, then you can adjust your resource accordingly and create a paid product.

This challenge will NOT be teaching you how to actually make a product or any of the technicalities involved. If you are hoping to learn how to add backgrounds, secure clipart, and create a credit page, you will want to check out my course on Selling Teacher Resources 101.

This challenge will be helping you to break apart the process of creating a resource and prompting you to find work time. It will be a daily reminder to find the time you will need to work on a resource for a few minutes a day until it is complete.

We will be practicing Pomodoro with this challenge. If you want to read more about what the Pomodoro Technique is about, you can check out this blog post on productivity and the Pomodoro Technique.

**It may take up to 15 minutes for your first email to arrive. Check that "other" folder to make sure it didn't get misdirected. If nothing arrives after 30 minutes, please contact me and we will get it figured out!

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