There are 6 easy steps that I implemented on my Pinterest account. I increased my Pinterest followers by 44% in 6 weeks. Read more!

How I Increased My Pinterest Followers by 44%

I’m going to give you some tips and explain how I increased my Pinterest followers by 44% over the past 6 weeks. Using your Pinterest account as a source of…

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A blog post with links to the best resources on the blog for growing your business through online marketing. Click now to read!

Marketing Your Site or Blog Online

Marketing your small business can sometimes seem overwhelming or like it isn’t creating results. If you haven’t had a chance to do some research yet on how to promote your website,…

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This one simple trick will increase Pinterest traffic. Pinterest marketing is easy when you know some of the secrets. Click to learn more.

This One Simple Trick Will Increase Pinterest Traffic

One tip. Just this one trick will increase Pinterest traffic and followers. This is all it really takes. *this post contains affiliate links, please read my disclosure for more information…

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9 Habits of super productive people. Learn to manage your time, become efficient while planning your day, and get more things done. What are the best tricks? via @rhodastudio

9 Habits of Super Productive People

We’ve all been there. We want to be super productive. It would be wonderful if we were all highly organized people. There are a million and one things on our…

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How to Unzip or Extract files using a MAC or PC. Step by step tutorial. Click to read how you can extract compressed files.

Extract or Unzip Compressed Files

This tutorial is for those of you who purchase clipart and when you open the file, you aren’t sure how to get that element out of the folder and use…

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What I learned from the Harry Potter Lego game and playing with my son. Life lessons on the blog.

What the Harry Potter Lego Game Taught Me…

Now that my kids own a gaming system, I have started to play again. It’s not the same as my good ol’ Mario Bros but I have discovered Lego Harry…

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The Top 10 Reasons you need to be marketing your business on social media. Social Media Marketing by Rhoda Design Studio. Click to read more!

Top 10 Reasons You Need Social Media Marketing

We are all out there. Somewhere on one platform or another. And sometimes it starts to feel like it is sucking you under. A huge title wave washing over your…

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Rock your content marketing with these tips and tricks. Increase your site’s traffic and conversions by giving your readers more. Increase sales by generating more visitors and increasing brand awareness.

How To Rock Your Content Marketing

You’ve probably been hearing this term all over the place. But what the heck is it? It’s the process of having focused and consistent information that you share with your…

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Creating images with PicMonkey for your blog, website, Instagram or shop. Easy to learn and use. Read the tutorial.

Creating Images with PicMonkey for Instagram and Pinterest

Yesterday’s post was about using Photoshop to create your images for use on Instagram and Pinterest. Not everyone has Photoshop or can justify the cost. There is another way to edit your…

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How to Make Images Pinterest, Instagram, your website or your blog. A step by step tutorial.

Creating Images for Instagram and Pinterest

You know the drill. Instagram and Pinterest are the way to get your business in front of your audience. But figuring out how to make all those images and be…

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Why your business needs a blog. Read more to see how to use a blog to grow your traffic.

Why Your Business Needs a Blog

We all want the sales. That’s why we have a business in the first place right? Business comes from traffic. All we have to do is generate that traffic. Direct…

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Affiliate Disclaimer

Affiliate Disclaimer Hello! Certain products/services and links to products/services on this blog are affiliate links, and I may earn a commission for any purchases that you make. Occasionally, I am…

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