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From A to Z: How Missing Letter Worksheets Create Master Readers
Alphabet | Kinder August | Pre-K August

From A to Z: How Missing Letter Worksheets Create Master Readers

Missing letter worksheets serve as an invaluable tool in the foundational stages of a student’s reading education. They target the crucial skill of alphabet recognition, a stepping stone in the development of reading abilities in young learners. These worksheets typically involve exercises where students must identify and fill in the missing letters within a given…

Free beginning sounds worksheets activity for kindergarten and preschool. Teach your kids beginning sounds with this fun and hands on phonics activity.
Kinder August | Kinder Language Arts | Pre-K August | Pre-K Language Arts

Apple Seeds Free Beginning Sounds Worksheets

Mastering the link between letters and their sounds is an essential milestone on a child’s literacy journey. It’s the foundation that supports growing into an independent reader and writer. But how do we at the beginning stages reinforce this critical Phonemic Awareness skill in a fun, engaging way? The answer – beginning sounds worksheets. Unraveling…

Back to School counting with 10 frames. Base 10 counting and one to one correspondence.
Kinder August | Kindergarten | Math | Numbers | Pre-K | Pre-K August

Back to School Counting with Apple Ten Frames

These apple ten frame worksheets can range from counting exercises, where students fill ten frames with apple shapes to resolve addition or subtraction problems, to more complex activities like estimating the number of apples in a basket based on ten frame clues. By connecting the dots between everyday objects and mathematical concepts, apple themed ten…

By leveraging ten frames, teachers can promote a deeper understanding of numbers, paving the way for enhanced problem-solving skills.
Kindergarten | Pre-K | Teaching

What Is A Ten Frame? How to Use Them in the Classroom and Homeschooling

For educators at the forefront of elementary math in the homeschool or classroom setting, the ten frame is like a hidden gem. It’s a powerful visual tool that can transform the way students understand numbers and mathematical concepts. In this blog post, we will demystify the ten frame, exploring its functionality and presenting a variety…

Teach your little ones how to count to 10 with these free worksheets. Grab your school supplies and start learning today! #countingto10 #freeworksheets #educationalactivities
Kinder August | Kindergarten | Math | Numbers | Pre-K | Pre-K August

The Power of Counting: How to Turn ‘1, 2, 3’ into Critical Early Learning for Kids

Counting to 10 may seem like a simple task, but for the young learners of the world, it’s a gateway to understanding the foundations of mathematics and numeracy. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore how counting transforms from a rote activity into an essential component of critical thinking, and how parents and educators can take…