Great teacher Christmas gifts to give to your child's teacher this year. A great list to get some ideas for educational gifts.

Teacher Christmas Gifts We Really Do Want This Year

The holiday season is stressful and adding in buying your kids’ teacher Christmas gifts doesn’t help take the stress away. It just makes it worse! The good news is that…

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Differentiated math lessons are easy to create with math centers. Provide math interventions that differentiate your instruction and engage your students. Learn to use your testing data to reach all your students at their level.

Learn How Differentiated Math Centers Help with Test Data

Using your test data to create differentiated math centers can be hard and overwhelming. There is so much information provided when you look at your student’s scores. Compound that by…

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Learn to make math worksheets for your classroom. Worksheet printables can be used to increase engagement, test higher level thinking by finding mistakes, or used for a SCOOT that involves movement. There are many ways to make your own worksheets. Follow this step-by-step tutorial.

How to Make Rigorous Math Worksheets: Printables for Your Classroom

Remember the days of creating math worksheets for your students by drawing the boxes on the paper with a pencil? Handwriting all the questions, numbers, and titles?   My fondest…

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Learn to make worksheets for your classroom. It’s easy to create printables that you can use over and over or share with your team teachers. Design printables that help your students learn and sell them on Teachers Pay Teachers.

How to Make Worksheets for Your Classroom Using Illustrator

Using Adobe Illustrator to make worksheets for my classroom is one of my favorite creative activities. Not only do I get to work on ideas that help my students I also…

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Learn how to make more money from home. You can make more online than you can working a full time job at minimum wage. Work from home and make more money with flexible hours. Even if you already have a career and work a traditional 9-5.

Learn How to Make More Money Not Working Full Time at Minimum Wage

No matter what your career path, you probably want to find ways to make more money. Don’t we all. Some career paths require that you take on a second job…

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Top mistakes sellers make on teachers pay teachers when they are starting their shop.

If You Sell Online You May Accidentally Make These Mistakes

There are a number of mistakes you may make when you first start to sell online. These mistakes may be common for Teachers Pay Teachers sellers. Reading through the following…

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The 10 best K-5 math teaching resources on Teachers Pay Teachers to use with your classroom this school year.

10 Super K-5 Math Teaching Resources You Absolutely Must Have

Teaching math can be daunting and these K-5 math teaching resources can help. Each year, you have a long list of standards that you need to cover. Let’s face it.…

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Teacher Created Resources is good, but this site is 1000x better and offers better quality lessons.

Teacher Created Resources is OK, But TPT Will Blow Your Mind

Shopping online for teacher-created resources can sometimes be overwhelming. There are a number of options and while some of them look good on the surface, they are not all created…

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9 Fabulous Sellers to Create Clipart for Teachers on Etsy

This list of the best clipart sellers on Etsy will help you create amazing resources and products for your TPT shop. Finding clipart that you can use over and over…

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Get tips on creating a cover for your TPT products. Make great product covers and get potential buyers attention.

How to Create a Great Cover for TPT Products

When you create a cover for TPT products, you are essentially creating the packaging of your resource. It’s the first thing a potential buyer will see. It’s what makes them…

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This resource page was created to have an easy list of recommendations for services, products, and companies that I use and/or those I know are valuable for you to reference. This way you can quickly find great products and services to use as you start your own teacher side-hustle.

Recommendations for Your Side Hustle

This resource page was created to have an easy list of recommended services, products, and companies that I use and/or those I know are valuable for you to reference. This way you…

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A Mega list of tips and resources that will help you learn how to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers. A HUGE round-up of tips and tricks to learn how to sell on TPT.

Mega List of How to Sell on Teachers Pay Teachers

Learning how to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers takes a lot of work. I’m not going to sugar coat it for you. There is a learning curve. You might know…

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