Selling on Teachers Pay Teachers means you have a lot of moving parts to keep track of. There are holidays, quarterly sales, marketing timelines and more. You also need to keep track of your products, when you update them, and if you have promoted them via your blog or social media.

The beauty of this planner is you can use it for your TPT business as well as your blog. There’s no need to purchase two separate planners!

Each page is bright, cheery, and will help you track your day to day life as well as your long-term goals. With over 50 pages that you can print multiple times, this planner covers it all.

Planner includes:

3 Cover Choices

2 Matching Spines (4 Sizes)

Monthly Tracker Calendars

Year at a Glance Tracker

Week at a Glance

Weekly Planning

Password Keeper

To-Do Pages

Time Sheet Job Tracker

Product Time Tracker

Monthly Goals

Yearly Goals

5 Year Goals

Blog Post Idea

Social Media Post Ideas

Followers Stats

Monthly Sales Data Tracker

Giveaway Participation

Pinterest Collaboration Boards

Pinterest Pin Record

Expense Record

Product Planning/Sketches


Site-Wide Sales Data Tracker (and QTR sales)

Clipart Purchase Log

Checklist for Product Readiness

TPT Newsletter Submission Record


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