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Back to School Counting with Apple Ten Frames

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These apple ten frame worksheets can range from counting exercises, where students fill ten frames with apple shapes to resolve addition or subtraction problems, to more complex activities like estimating the number of apples in a basket based on ten frame clues.

By connecting the dots between everyday objects and mathematical concepts, apple themed ten frames worksheets not only reinforce math skills but also stimulate students’ interest and curiosity in both math and the natural world around them.


Apple Themed Ten Frames Worksheets

Incorporating thematic elements like apples into ten frames worksheets can add a seasonal or thematic zest to math lessons, especially appealing during fall or for lessons about fruits and healthy eating.

Apple themed ten frames involve using apples or apple shapes as counters on the ten frames, making math visually appealing and contextually engaging for students.


How to Use Ten Frames in the Classroom

1. Ten frames and number sense

Begin by using ten frames to teach the concept of numbers. Start with a focus on ‘making tens’ and ‘seeing ten.’ For example, you can place a single counter in the frame and talk about how many more are needed to make 10. This operation can be done with different numbers, each time filling up the ten frame and counting how many were required to complete it.

2. Ten frames and place value

Exploring place value with ten frames can help children understand the significance of each digit in a number. By placing counters in the frame, you can represent a two-digit number, making it much clearer why, for instance, the first position represents tens, and the second, ones.

back to school apple ten frames digital lessons

3. Ten frames and addition

For addition, students can place part of a number in one frame and add the rest to make a whole number in a second frame. They can compare both frames to understand how the numbers combine, which starts laying a strong foundation for more complex addition strategies, such as regrouping.

4. Ten frames and subtraction

Similarly, ten frames can help elucidate the concept of subtraction through visualizing the act of taking away from the total. Starting with a full ten frame, ask students to ‘remove’ a certain number of counters and see what remains. This method demonstrates subtraction as the inverse of addition.

5. Ten frames and number bonds

Number bonds are critical for understanding the relationships between numbers. Use ten frames to show part-whole relationships by breaking a number into two or more parts. For example, a number 7 can be broken down into 3 and 4, shown visually on the ten frame.

Back to School counting with 10 frames. Base 10 counting and one to one correspondence.

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