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Long I Worksheets: Free CVCe Word Work

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CVCe words are words that consist of a consonant, vowel, consonant, and then the ending letter “e”. The E in these words is silent, but the vowel that is between the two consonant letters becomes a long vowel. The “e” makes the vowel say its name.

These types of words can be tricky for early readers because they want to read the vowel as a short sound before they notice the “e” at the end of the word and realize they should change the sound to a long vowel.


Long I Worksheet PG 1


Long I Worksheet PG 2


Long I Worksheet PG 3


Long I Worksheet PG 4

CVCe Long I Word List

  • -ice: dice, lice, mice, nice ,rice, price, slice, spice
  • -ine: line, mine, nine, pine, vine, shine, spine,
  • -ide: hide, ride, side, wide, bride, glide, slide
  • -ile: file, pile, tile, smile
  • -ime: dime, lime, time, slime
  • -ipe: pipe, ripe, wipe, swipe
  • -ive: dive, five, hive, drive
  • -ite: bite, kite, site, white, write

Digital Word Work


Try Google Slides activities or BOOM Decks for more long vowel CVCe word work. These are bright, fun, and very engaging. Teachers and students both love them.

Teacher CVCe words in your reading program is essential. Phonics is a key part of the Science of Reading and word work with CVC and CVCe words helps students learn the relationships between phonemes and graphemes. Knowing CVCe words can help early readers develop their phonological awareness. This is a fundamental reading and writing skill.

Are you looking for engaging Phonics activities and worksheets for kindergarten and first grade? Teaching phonics can be fun with this CVCE free worksheet set. Perfect for kindergarten and first grade classroom. #phonicsworksheets #kindergarten #firstgrade #phonicscenters

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