28 Sweet Sayings & Jokes and a Free Valentines Day Cootie Catcher

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It’s that sweet time of year, and what’s Valentine’s Day without a sprinkle of humor mixed with love? Whether you’re crafting DIY Valentines, preparing cards for classmates, or looking for that perfect pun to pair with a candy gift, I’ve got you covered. Here are some cute Valentine’s Day sayings and jokes that will make your Valentine’s crafts, school Valentine’s activities, and homemade Valentines brim with joy and chuckles. Don’t forget, these can be the cherry on top for your Valentine’s Day printables or creative Valentine’s projects.

A collection of Valentine's Day Crafts for STEM in the classroom or for homeschoolers.

Sweet Nothings and Chuckles for Your Candy Valentines

Tapping into the spirit of Valentine’s Day means merging the sweet with the silly, especially when it’s time to craft those delightful candy Valentines. Whether you’re a parent assembling DIY Valentines for your kids to take to school, a teacher designing Valentine’s crafts, or just someone looking for a touch of whimsy to add to your Valentine’s Day activities, I’ve woven together a list of sayings. These cute Valentine’s Day sayings and Valentine’s puns are just the ticket for sprucing up your printable Valentine’s, homemade Valentines, or even those creative Valentine’s projects you’re planning.

  • “We’re ‘mint’ to be!” – A sweet fit for peppermint patties or any minty treat.
  • “You make my heart go ‘pop’!” – An ideal match for a bag of popcorn or pop rocks.
  • “Our bond is ‘gold’!” – Ties in well with gold chocolate coins or anything with shiny, gold packaging.
  • You are one in a melon! This would go great with watermelon candies.
  • I love you to pieces! Pair with a bag of Reese’s Pieces candies.
  • I like you berry much! You could pair this saying with berry-flavored fruit snacks.
  • You are a gem of a friend! Attach this saying to a Ring Pop for a fun Valentine.

Food Sayings for Valentines

  • “Orange you glad we’re friends?” – Cute with Cutie oranges for a healthy Valentine’s swap.
  • “You’ve captured a ‘slice’ of my heart!” – Perfect for pairing with Valentine’s themed snacks or interactive Valentine’s Day activities like pizza making.
  • I’m bananas for you. Pair this with a fresh banana, or a small bag of banana chips.
  • You are the apple of my eye. This would be cute with a fresh apple, or apple chips.
  • You are o-fish-ally awesome.  Pair this with a small bag of Goldfish crackers.

Whether these sayings are scribbled on cards, pinned to a DIY Valentine’s craft, or attached to a tasty treat, they’re bound to elicit smiles and laughter. Integrating these playful puns with your Valentine’s for friends, classmates, or anyone special offers a personal touch that screams ‘you matter’. Let these cute jokes and sayings inspire your Valentine’s Day printables, DIY Valentine’s cards, and every sweet gift you plan to give, spreading joy and giggles this Valentine’s season.

Toys Valentines Sayings

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about chocolates and flowers; it’s about sharing laughs and smiles too. Especially when it comes to little hearts eager for some Valentine’s fun without the sugary rush. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or just someone looking for creative, non-food gift options, pairing toys with the right sayings can turn simple gifts into memorable Valentine’s treats. Here’s how you add that playful touch to your DIY Valentine’s, school Valentine’s, or even homemade Valentines with some cute Valentine’s jokes and puns.

  • For a bouncy ball: “I “ball” so hard for you, Valentine!” Perfect for kids Valentine’s ideas or Valentine’s for classmates that promise lots of fun and giggles.
  • With a toy car: “I wheely like you, Valentine!” Zoom into their hearts with this one, making it an adorable addition to your stash of Valentine’s Day activities.
  • Accompanying a stuffed animal: “I’m stuffed with love for you!” This goes well with Valentine’s crafts, adding a soft touch to your collection of Valentine’s Day fun ideas.
  • Gifting a puzzle: “You complete me!” Ideal for DIY Valentine’s that speak volumes with just a simple phrase, adding depth to your Valentine’s Day games.
  • With play slime: “Valentine, you make my heart ooze!” A trendy pick for Valentine’s themed snacks without the actual snacking, ensuring a giggle-worthy Valentine’s for friends or Valentine’s for teachers.

Choosing toys as Valentine’s and coupling them with punny or heartfelt sayings can transform a simple gift into a memorable one. They encourage creativity, play, and joy, making them an excellent option for Valentine’s Day printables and creative Valentine’s that leave a lasting impression. So, dip into this treasure trove of sayings for your homemade Valentines, DIY Valentine’s, or even as part of your Valentine’s Day activities at school, and watch as faces light up with joy and amusement.

Animals Valentines Sayings

It’s that time of year again, Valentine’s Day, where creativity meets candy, and homemade Valentines become tokens of affection. As a teacher or a parent, you’re likely on the lookout for the sweetest and most amusing sayings to sprinkle over cards and crafts. If you’re steering towards an animal theme this year, I’ve got you covered with some utterly adorable animal Valentines sayings!

  • “I’m not lion, you’re my mane squeeze!” – Perfect for a card with a majestic lion.
  • “You’re the purr-fect friend!” – Ideal for feline aficionados.
  • “Owl always be your friend.” – A hoot for any Valentine’s card.
  • “‘Owl’ be yours forever!” – Just right for any owl-themed Valentine’s crafts or cards.
  • “There’s no otter like you!” – For those special, incomparable friends.
  • “Bee mine, Valentine!” – Sweet as honey, perfect for your buzzing classmates and friends.

These sayings aren’t just words; they’re little snippets of joy designed to bring smiles and a touch of whimsy to Valentine’s Day. Whether they’re scribbled across DIY Valentines, tucked into printable Valentine’s Day cards, or paired with Valentine’s themed snacks, they’re sure to enchant. Creativity isn’t strictly for the craft room, so why not sprinkle these sayings into Valentine’s Day activities or games? After all, who wouldn’t love receiving a homemade Valentine that says, “There’s no otter like you!”? It’s these moments of fun and creativity that make Valentine’s Day so special, especially when shared among classmates, friends, and teachers alike.

Non-Candy Valentine’s Day Quotes

  • “You ‘highlight’ my world!” – Perfect alongside a highlighter for a fun, non-candy classroom Valentine’s or teacher’s gift.
  • “You’re ‘dino-mighty’ awesome!” – For the dinosaur aficionados eager to add a prehistoric touch to their Valentine’s Day fun.
  • Will you be my valen-slime? If you or your kiddo like making slime, you could pair this saying with a small container of slime.
  • You color my world. Pair this saying with a small box of crayons.
  • Valentine, you rule.  Give it with a colorful ruler.

A Fun Free Valentine’s Day Printable Cootie Catcher

Valentine’s Day is not just about cards and candies; it’s a day filled with love, laughter, and a dash of creativity. And what better way to sprinkle some fun into the mix than with a delightful, downloadable Valentine’s Day-themed cootie catcher? This isn’t just any ordinary piece of paper; it’s a treasure trove of giggles and secrets waiting to be discovered, and best of all, it’s free!

Imagine this: You fold this playful printable into shape, and suddenly, you’ve got a fun, interactive game that doubles as a unique Valentine. It’s perfect for those who love to DIY Valentine’s, adding a personal touch to the joyous occasion. This cootie catcher is brimming with cute Valentine’s jokes and sweet sayings, making it a hit among kids and adults alike. Whether you’re looking to light up your classroom Valentine’s exchange or searching for a creative Valentine’s idea that stands out from the rest, this cootie catcher has got you covered.

Valentine’s for classmates or Valentine’s Day activities at school just got more exciting. As classmates engage with each other, exploring the funny Valentine’s jokes and Valentine’s puns hidden within the folds, laughter and smiles are guaranteed. But it’s not limited to school; this cootie catcher is perfect for Valentine’s Day fun at home, too. Families can enjoy it together, creating memorable moments and sharing heartfelt laughs.


The beauty of this cootie catcher lies in its simplicity and the joy it brings. It’s a wonderful addition to any Valentine’s Day crafts session, turning DIY Valentine’s into an interactive experience. Imagine pairing it with homemade Valentines or using it as a playful gift for friends, classmates, or even teachers. It’s a creative Valentine’s that adds a twist to the usual Valentine’s Day printables.

So, if you’re looking for a creative way to spread love and laughter this Valentine’s Day, look no further. This fun, free Valentine’s Day-themed cootie catcher is not just a game; it’s a little packet of joy, ready to make your Valentine’s Day extra special with its charming blend of jokes and sweetness, perfect for Valentine’s themed snacks, Valentine’s Day games, or simply as a magical touch to your Valentine’s Day activities. Download it, fold it, and let the fun begin!

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