Free 4th of July Color by Number Worksheets

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The Fourth of July is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with some fun and educational activities for the kids? Fourth of July color by number worksheets are the perfect blend of festivity and learning, keeping the little ones engaged while they practice essential math skills.


Why Fourth of July Color by Number Worksheets?

Educational Benefits

  • Practice Math Facts: These worksheets are a fantastic way to reinforce math skills. Whether it’s addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division, kids can brush up on their math facts while having a blast.
  • Develop Fine Motor Skills: Coloring within the lines helps children improve their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  • Boost Concentration: Completing these worksheets requires focus and attention to detail, enhancing concentration and patience.


Fourth of July Color by Code Worksheets


Numbers 1-9


Addition Up to 10


Odd Subtraction


Multiplication Facts 1-4

multiplication 4th of july

Division Facts 1-6

division 4th of july

Love these worksheets?

open the filing cabinet to get even more

Have you ever had the chance to explore a filing cabinet that belongs to a teacher who has taught more than 10 years?

There are so many treasures in there!

I’m sharing all my “filing cabinet goodies” after more than 13 years of teaching and almost 10 years of designing curriculum.

1. Color by Code Numbers

Perfect for younger children, this activity involves matching colors to specific numbers. It’s a simple yet effective way to help children recognize and learn numbers while coloring festive images.

2. Color by Number Addition

Combine the excitement of coloring with addition practice. Each section of the worksheet is labeled with an addition problem, and kids must solve it to find the correct color. It’s a great way to make math practice enjoyable!

3. Color by Number Subtraction

Similar to the addition activity, but with a focus on subtraction skills. Kids will solve subtraction problems to determine which colors to use. This activity is perfect for reinforcing subtraction facts in a fun and engaging way.

4. Color by Number Multiplication

For older children, this activity adds a layer of complexity by incorporating multiplication problems. It’s an excellent way to challenge kids and help them master their multiplication tables while creating beautiful Fourth of July artwork.

5. Color by Number Division

Take the challenge up a notch with division problems! This activity is ideal for advancing math skills and ensuring kids are comfortable with division. Plus, they’ll have a stunning piece of art to show for their hard work.


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