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Free Number Bonds Worksheets: Bugs and Flowers

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Practice decomposing numbers with these free printable math worksheets. Students break apart 10 to make number bonds. There are multiple ways to make 10 and these bugs and flowers help show the number bonds, one to one counting, and number patterns. Click the worksheet to download a page or the button for the full file.


Number Bonds: Bugs PG 2


Number Bonds: Bugs PG 2


Number Bonds: Bugs PG 3


Number Bonds: Bugs PG 4

Digital Lessons for Number Bonds

Kids love to “play games” when they are learning. These Google Slides or Boom Decks are bright and vibrants. Students feel like they are getting to play while teachers and parents know that they are learning.

Students will count the bug and flower groups and type the numbers in the box to show the parts of each number.

Decomposed numbers: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

A perfect addition to your math centers.


Math Skills include:

  • addition and subtraction with models
  • decompose numbers less than 10

Common Core Standards:

K.OA.1 represent addition and subtraction with objects

K.OA.3 decompose numbers less than or equal to 10

K.OA.4 make ten

K.OA.5 fluently add and subtract within 5

Number bonds show the part-part-whole relationship between numbers. In 1st grade, number bonds are a stepping stone to addition and subtraction, and to the development of mental calculation skills.

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