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CVC Rhyming Words Worksheets: Free Early Literacy PDF

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As educators, homeschoolers, and parents committed to nurturing early literacy, we understand the pivotal role that foundational reading skills play in a child’s educational development. Among these foundational skills, the ability to recognize and produce rhyming words is crucial.

Students need to identify rhymes to develop phonological and phonemic. CVC Rhyming Words Worksheets. Free PDF

It not only supports the development of phonological awareness but also helps children notice the sounds within words, a skill essential for reading and spelling. In our quest to make learning as interactive and engaging as possible, rhyming CVC (Consonant-Vowel-Consonant) words cut and paste worksheets emerge as a creative and effective tool.

Why Rhyming CVC Words?

CVC words, such as “cat”, “bed”, and “pig”, are the building blocks of early literacy. They are simple, straightforward, and one of the first word structures that children learn to read and spell. When paired with rhyming activities, these words become even more powerful, enabling children to make connections between sounds and spellings. Rhyming encourages children to understand that words are made up of letters, and changing the initial letter can create a new word with a similar sound pattern.

The Power of Cut and Paste Worksheets

Cut and paste activities offer tactile learning experiences, essential for young learners who benefit from hands-on activities. They not only facilitate the learning of rhyming words but also help develop fine motor skills, such as cutting with scissors and manipulating glue or tape. These worksheets engage children in an active learning process, requiring them to think critically as they match and paste words that rhyme together.

CVC Rhyming Words Worksheets


CVC Rhyming Words PG 1


CVC Rhyming Words PG 2


CVC Rhyming Words PG 3


CVC Rhyming Words PG 3


CVC Rhyming Words PG 4

Kindergarten Reading Skills include:

  • read CVC words
  • rhyming with word families
  • phonemic awareness

Common Core Literacy Standards


Recognize and produce rhyming words.


Know and apply grade-level phonics and word analysis skills in decoding words.


With guidance and support from adults, explore word relationships and nuances in word meanings

Digital Practice

Kids need repeated practice with rhymes to become familiar with the sounds of words. Identifying rhymes is a critical step to help increase reading fluency and building confident readers.

Students need to identify rhymes to develop phonological and phonemic Awareness. This is also very important for our ELL learners.

Interactive Google Slides and Boom CVC Rhyming Words Lesson

Your students will enjoy using their digital devices while completing this interactive literacy center and word work resource.

This activity is perfect for digital literacy centers and distance learning.

Digital practice with Google Slides can be assigned through Google Classroom, SeeSaw, or other online learning platforms.

More CVC Worksheets

Students need to identify rhymes to develop phonological and phonemic. CVC Rhyming Words Worksheets. Free PDF

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