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20 Free Summer Color by Number Worksheets

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Summer break is the perfect time to reinforce learning in a fun and engaging way. With children taking a break from the traditional classroom setting, it’s crucial to find creative methods to keep their minds active. One such method is the use of summer color by number worksheets. Ideal for parents, homeschoolers, early educators, and elementary teachers, these worksheets blend education with entertainment, making learning seamless during the warm months.

These free summer color by number worksheets are great to practice number and math facts with FUN summer color by code pages. Download the pdf summer activity now.

Why Choose Summer Color by Number Worksheets?

Color by number worksheets are more than just coloring activities. They are designed to stimulate children’s learning processes while keeping them engaged in an activity they enjoy. These worksheets encourage number recognition, fine motor skills, and following directions. When themed around summer, they also connect learning with the vibrant world outside, making education a part of the seasonal fun.


Summer Color by Number

Start with the basics. Summer color by number worksheets focus on simple number recognition. Children enjoy coloring pictures of suns, beaches, ice cream, and more, using a key that associates each color with a number. It’s a great way for young learners to practice and reinforce their understanding of numbers.


Numbers 1-8 Color by Code


Numbers 10-17 Color by Code


Even Numbers 2-14 Color by Number


Odd Numbers 3-13 Color by Number

Color by Addition

For children ready to take on more of a challenge, addition-based color by number worksheets provide an excellent opportunity. These worksheets generally consist of simple addition problems where the sum corresponds to a specific color.

These free summer color by number addition worksheets are great to practice number and math facts with FUN summer color by code pages. Download the pdf summer activity now.

Completing these worksheets not only helps in reinforcing addition skills but also makes learning math exciting. Imagine the joy of uncovering a hidden summer picture with each correct sum!


Addition Up to 10 Color by Number


Addition Teen Numbers


Even Numbers Addition Color by Code


Missing Addends Addition Color by Number

Color by Subtraction

Subtraction can be a tricky concept for some children to grasp. Color by subtraction worksheets turn this challenge into a game.


By solving subtraction problems to find the right colors, children can practice their math skills in a low-pressure environment. Each completed worksheet rewards the child with a colorful summer image, from flip flops to beach scenes, adding a sense of accomplishment.

These free summer color by number subtraction worksheets are great to practice number and math facts with FUN summer color by code pages. Download the pdf summer activity now.

Odd Numbers Subtraction Color by Code


Subtraction Teen Numbers


Subtraction Up to 10 Color by Code


Missing Subtrahend Color by Number Subtraction


Color by Multiplication

Multiplication is a fundamental math skill that can be mastered with practice. Color by multiplication worksheets engage children by allowing them to reveal hidden images through their calculations.

These free summer color by number multiplication worksheets are great to practice number and math facts with FUN summer color by code pages. Download the pdf summer activity now.

These sheets can be adjusted in difficulty to cater to different learning levels, making them suitable for a wide range of ages.


Multiplication Facts 1-4 Color by Number


Multiplication Facts 4-12 Color by Code


Random Multiplication Facts Coloring Page


Missing Factors Color by Number

Color by Division

Division worksheets continue the theme of making math fun by incorporating color by number activities. These worksheets challenge children to solve division problems to uncover the coded image.


Color by division sheets are an innovative way to keep your child’s math skills sharp over the summer.


Division Facts 1-6 Color by Number


Division Facts 6-12 Color by Number


Random Division Facts Color by Code


Missing Divisor Color by Code Division

These free summer color by number division worksheets are great to practice number and math facts with FUN summer color by code pages. Download the pdf summer activity now.

Making Learning Fun and Productive This Summer

Summer color by number worksheets stand out as an effective educational tool that children actually enjoy. They provide a productive outlet for creativity and energy while ensuring that learning continues outside the classroom. Whether your child is practicing basic number recognition or honing their math skills, these worksheets offer a delightful mix of education and entertainment.

Incorporating these engaging worksheets into your child’s summer routine can help combat the summer slide, ensuring they return to school with their skills intact and perhaps even ahead of the curve. Plus, it’s an excellent way for parents and educators to participate actively in the child’s learning process, making education a family affair.

This summer, take the opportunity to explore color by number worksheets with your young learner. Not only will you help them maintain and build upon their academic skills, but you’ll also create cherished memories of learning together. Happy coloring!

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