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CVCe Words: A Set of Free Long A Worksheets for Educators and Parents

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Mastering the art of reading is like unlocking a treasure trove of knowledge and imagination for young learners. But if you’re an educator or a parent guiding the way, you’ll know it’s a challenging path, especially when it comes to understanding phonics.

The subject can be as complex for the teacher as it is for the child. Today, we’re focusing on a pivotal aspect of phonics that’s crucial to early readers: CVCe words, a stepping stone in the process of learning to read and write.


What Are CVCe Words?

CVCe stands for Consonant, Vowel, Consonant, and e. This refers to a specific word pattern in the English language where a single vowel is followed by a consonant and then another vowel with the letter ‘e’ rounding off the trio.

The ‘e’ at the end of the word is silent and makes the preceding vowel say its name – the long sound – rather than its short sound. Take, for instance, the word ‘cake.’ The ‘k’ is the first consonant, ‘a’ is the vowel, the ‘k’ is the second consonant, and ‘e’ make the final e in CVCe, providing a long ‘a’ sound.

Phonics Worksheets and the Science of Reading

In recent years, the Science of Reading has gained prominence in teaching methodologies. It focuses on the cognitive processes that underpin reading and literacy, with strong emphasis placed on phonics and phonemic awareness.

Phonemic awareness is the understanding that words are made up of individual sounds or phonemes, and these can be manipulated. CVCe words, when reinforced through various worksheets and exercises, can significantly enhance this phonemic awareness in a child’s reading arsenal.

An effective way to teach CVCe words is through a multi-sensory approach—incorporating auditory, visual, and kinesthetic elements into the learning process. This approach is not only backed by research but is also widely favored by educators for its proven efficacy with diverse learner profiles.


The Multi-Sensory Experience


Engage your learners through speech and hearing, starting the introduction with the correct pronunciation of CVCe words.


Use flashcards, letter tiles, and word charts to create a rich visual environment, allowing children to see and recognize the patterns within words.


Children can physically experience the composition of words by moving alphabet tiles or writing the words by hand.

Free Worksheets for Long A

Get ready to engage with your learners using our free downloadable worksheets that focus specifically on the long ‘a’ sound using CVCe words. These exercises aim to make ‘a’ rewarding for both educators and learners as they transition from simple consonant-vowel-consonant words to the more complex CVCe words.

NOTE: You can click each page to download the single worksheet or click the button below for the full set.


Interactive Lessons with Google Slides or Boom


Kids love learning when it is bright, engaging and interactive. These lessons are all available on BOOM or TPT for Google Slides. Kids think they are games. Parents and teachers know that learning is happening. It is a win, win.

Learning to Read

Educating and nurturing young readers is a profound responsibility. The tools and methods used to teach phonics, especially CVCe words, can ignite a lifelong love for reading.

Continuously exploring and adapting to new insights in the Science of Reading will not only enrich the learning experience but also ensure that your students or children look forward to every new word they encounter.

Stay tuned into the conversation around literacy, and keep innovating in your teaching practices. The future of reading begins with the CVCe words of today.

Boost your child's reading and writing skills with our free CVCE long a word worksheets! Perfect for building phonics and spelling skills.

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