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Feed the Farm Animals: Telling Time to the Hour Worksheets

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It’s essential to have engaging, educational materials that capture the attention of young minds and make learning fun. That’s where our “Feed the Farm Animals” telling time to the hour worksheets come into play.

Learning to tell time is a crucial skill for young students, laying the foundation for time management skills and making sense of the world around them. For elementary educators and homeschooling parents, finding the right resources to teach these concepts can be as challenging as teaching them.

Free telling time worksheets. Students determine the time that the farm animal is asking for on the analog clock. Then they cut and paste the proper digital time under the animal to “feed it”. Engaging and fun telling time worksheets.

Telling Time to the Hour

Before we jump into the worksheets, it’s important to understand why telling time to the hour is an essential skill for children. This foundational concept helps children grasp the passage of time and how it relates to their daily activities, such as meal times, bedtimes, and school schedules. It also introduces them to broader mathematical concepts and the cyclical nature of days, weeks, and months.

Our “Feed the Farm Animals” theme is designed to engage children by combining the concept of time with a fun farmyard setting. Children will not only learn to tell time but will also enjoy the humorous illustrations of animals, making the learning process enjoyable and memorable.

Cut and Paste Worksheets

One of the most effective ways to teach young learners about telling time is through hands-on activities that allow them to interact with the learning material. Our cut and paste worksheets are specifically designed to fulfill this need.

These activities involve cutting out the digital time that is shown on the analog clocks and pasting them next to the corresponding farm animal.

This interactive approach helps reinforce the concept of telling time by associating it with fun and familiar farmyard characters. It also aids in developing fine motor skills as children practice cutting and pasting.

Math Skills include:

  • telling time
  • analog clocks
  • number recognition

Common Core Math Standards

1.MD.B.3 Tell and write time in hours and half-hours using analog and digital clocks.

Telling Time to the Hour Worksheets

Our collection of telling time to the hour worksheets is designed to cover a wide range of skills and learning styles. Each worksheet focuses on the hour hand, making it easier for beginners to understand and master the skill before moving on to more complex time-telling activities.

The worksheets include a variety of activities such as matching clocks to the correct time, drawing the hour hand on blank clocks, and identifying the time on digital clocks. These varied approaches ensure that every learner finds a method that resonates with them, catering to visual, kinesthetic, and logical learning styles.


Farm Time to the Hour Worksheet 1

Incorporating Worksheets into Your Teaching Strategy

These worksheets can be seamlessly integrated into your teaching strategy, whether you’re in a traditional classroom setting or educating your child at home. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of these resources:

  • Start with a story: Begin your lesson with a story about farm animals and their daily routines. This sets the stage for the worksheets and piques the children’s interest.
  • Use real clocks: Supplement worksheet activities with real clocks or watches. This connection between the abstract concept of time and tangible objects enhances understanding.
  • Encourage collaboration: If you’re in a classroom, pair students up to work on the worksheets together. This fosters teamwork and allows them to learn from each other.
  • Offer rewards: Consider incorporating a reward system for completed worksheets. Stickers or small treats can motivate students and make learning more exciting.

Telling Time with Interactive and Digital Lessons


Teaching young students to tell time doesn’t have to be a tedious task. You can also assign digital lessons on Google Slides or BOOM.

With the “Feed the Farm Animals” telling time to the hour worksheets, you can transform this essential learning objective into an enjoyable activity.

By integrating hands-on, engaging materials into your lesson plans, you’ll help your students master telling time while having fun with farmyard friends.

Whether you’re an elementary educator or a homeschooling parent, these resources are designed to support your efforts in teaching time-telling skills effectively.

When you are fostering a love for learning and incorporating interactive activities, you’re setting the stage for your students’ future success in all areas of life.

Free telling time worksheets. Students determine the time that the farm animal is asking for on the analog clock. Then they cut and paste the proper digital time under the animal to “feed it”. Engaging and fun telling time worksheets.

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