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26 Free Worksheets for Letter Recognition and Alphabet Practice

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Finding different ways to practice letter recognition, handwriting, and sounds increases student learning. The science of reading includes both alphabet practice, phonics practice, and sight word recognition. This all starts with knowing letters and their sounds.


These free letter worksheets for alphabet practice include:

  • tracing (how to write each letter) that children can do with their finger for muscle memory and then crayons
  • mazes in the shape of the letter for fine motor control
  • letter finds (letter recognition)

Tracing Letters

Tracing each of the letters using only their finger will give kids an overview of how the letters are formed. After practicing a few times, give them a set of crayons and let them “rainbow write” the letter. This encourages muscle memory for the formation of each letter.


Want to take it up a notch and make it more interactive? Give them some playdough and let them create the shape. Covering different modalities will help ensure they retain what they are learning.

Letter Maze

Finding a path through a maze uses different forms of cognition. While kids are focusing on not running into a dead end, they are still seeing the shape of the letter. Learning its nuances. Plus, mazes are just fun!


Find the Letter

Quick letter recognition is a part of being a strong reader. It leads to faster recognition of sight words later. Which in turn leads to being a more fluent reader. Each alphabet page includes a mixed up selection of letters from the alphabet. Children play an “i Spy” game and find all the letters for that worksheet in the mixed up alphabet soup.


Full Alphabet

This set of worksheets also includes two pages for littles to practice writing their letters in order (uppercase and lowercase). You can also use this sheet as a way to record which letters they have already practiced, which they have mastered, and which they need to work on again.




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