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Count the Bees: Free Addition Worksheets Up To 10

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As educators, we understand the pivotal role that mastering basic addition plays in your child’s academic growth and future successes in mathematics. The skill of adding numbers up to 10 is not just about calculating; it lays the groundwork for comprehending relationships between numbers, enhancing problem-solving abilities, and sparking an interest in the broader mathematical universe.

NOTE: Click each image to download that page or scroll down and click the button to download all four addition worksheets in one file.


Adding Bees Up to 10 PG 1


Adding Bees Up to 10 PG 2


Adding Bees Up to 10 PG 3


Adding Bees Up to 10 PG 4

In support of this essential stage in your child’s learning, we have developed a series of complimentary addition worksheets tailored specifically for young learners. Each worksheet is carefully designed with your child’s learning needs in mind, offering a mix of straightforward number addition and more intricate word problems to challenge and engage them.


These worksheets serve as a splendid tool for both you, as parents, and your child’s educators, facilitating an engaging and interactive learning experience. Whether utilized in the classroom or for at-home practice, our resources are structured to make the learning process both enjoyable and effective.

The convenience of being able to download these worksheets allows for flexible practice sessions, ensuring that your child can reinforce their skills at their own pace and in the comfort of their home.


By encouraging regular practice with these worksheets, we are confident that your child will not only excel in basic addition but also gain the confidence needed to tackle more complex mathematical challenges in the future.

Simple or Basic Addition worksheets for your younger students. These free addition worksheets cover sums up to 10.

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