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Earth Day Printable Activities

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Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd each year.

It is a time to reflect on how we treat the planet, cleaning up our spaces, and planting new trees. The planting new trees and flowers is my favorite.

The “biggies” in my life taught me to clean up any area that I spent time in outdoors. Cleaning up after other people and the trash they leave behind has been a habit since I was little.

I can NOT walk past a piece of trash.

Recycling, Reducing, Reusing, and Composting have been big themes in my life as well. These are also great areas to get children involved.

Reusing is always a really great lesson in the classroom and crafts with uncommon items will spark discussions and a ton of creativity. It is also a great time to incorporate some STEM lessons.

Free Earth Day Printables

Enjoy these fun Earth Day printables and check back for more. I will be adding them as I make them.

A few of these pages are also included in this April Spiral Practice NO PREP Packet. (Click Here)

april no prep worksheet packet cover

Earth Day Word Search

Find all the Earth Day themed words in this fun word search and then color the picture. Kids who want to be a little more creative can add details or stickers to the scene to create something unique. (Need the answer key? Click here.)

earth day word search and coloring page

Earth Day Make a Word

Get your creative juices flowing by creating new words from the word EARTH DAY. Littles can cut the tiles and rearrange them for a move visual and tactile lesson.

How many words can you make?

make new words earth day printable
earth day free printables

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