Free Traceable Calendar Pages: Months of the Year Worksheets

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Discover the joy of learning about calendars with engaging printable options designed just for children. These charming and cost-effective traceable calendars come adorned with delightful seasonal artwork that your little ones can color. Ideal for toddlers all the way up to second graders, these printables allow kids to not only color but also practice writing by tracing the dates or using bingo daubers for a fun twist on marking each day.

Get ready to enhance your child’s understanding of days and months in the most creative way. By simply downloading the PDF with the printable calendars, you’ll provide your young learner with a hands-on 2024 calendar. What’s more, these printables come free of charge, ready to be filled with vibrant colors and the excitement of learning something new every day.


Printable Calendars for Children

  • Enhance Time Understanding: Kids will grasp time better by marking days on these calendars.
  • Educational Tool: Perfect for teaching months and days through practice and writing.
  • Interactive Learning: Traceable numbers and names encourage engagement.
    • Ideal for Young Learners: Toddlers to second graders can benefit.
    • Creative Customization: Use dot markers, stickers, or crayons.
  • Developmental Benefits: Foster early developmental skills in time-telling.

Free Printable Traceable Calendars

To access your customizable 2024 calendar templates:

  1. Navigate to the bottom of the webpage.
  2. Look for the link labeled “DOWNLOAD PDF”.
  3. Click the link.
  4. A new window will open with the PDF of the calendar.
  5. Save and print the template at your convenience.

Kids Calendar Template

  • Exciting Update! Your printable 2024 calendar pages are ready.
  • Look forward to fresh, blank templates for a fun-filled year ahead.

Free Preschool Calendar Printables 2024

2024 offers engaging printable calendars for your little ones. Your kids can:

  • Trace numbers as each day passes, enhancing their numerical skills and understanding of time.
  • Mark days with fun stickers or dot markers to visually track the month’s progression.

January Trace the Number


January Fill in the Number


February Trace the Number


February Fill in the Number


March Trace the Number


March Fill in the Number


April Trace the Number


April Fill in the Number


May Trace the Number


May Fill in the Number


June Trace the Number


June Fill in the Number


July Trace the Number


July Fill in the Number

Love these worksheets?

open the filing cabinet to get even more

Have you ever had the chance to explore a filing cabinet that belongs to a teacher who has taught more than 10 years?

There are so many treasures in there!

I’m sharing all my “filing cabinet goodies” after more than 13 years of teaching and almost 10 years of designing curriculum.


August Trace the Number


August Fill in the Number


September Trace the Number


September Fill in the Number


October Trace the Number


October Fill in the Number


November Trace the Number


November Fill in the Number


December Trace the Number


December Fill in the Number

Handwriting Calendar Templates

Enhance your child’s fine motor skills essential for writing with engaging calendar coloring activities. Here’s your accessible 2024 calendar:

  • January 2024 Calendar
  • February 2024 Calendar
  • March 2024 Calendar
  • April 2024 Calendar
  • May 2024 Calendar
  • June 2024 Calendar
  • July 2024 Calendar
  • August 2024 Calendar
  • September 2024 Calendar
  • October 2024 Calendar
  • November 2024 Calendar
  • December 2024 Calendar

Remember, you can always visit us again for next year’s printable calendar!

Traceable Calendar

With a traceable calendar, you can add a delightful and educational twist to your daily routine or classroom activities. These calendars are designed for hands-on use, encouraging learners to engage with the days and months actively. They’re perfectly tailored for young students or anyone looking to enhance their number writing skills. Below are the guidelines and creative uses for these printable calendars:

  • Intended solely for personal or educational environments.
  • Not for commercial use. Avoid any form of distribution outside the intended use.
  • Learn and have fun as these are crafted for a delightfully interactive experience.
  • Use them for tracking days, practicing number writing, or incorporating into lesson plans.

Fill in the Blank Calendar

Use the blank calendar with writing lines for early writers to practice adding their own dates to the calendar. Encourage counting in order, handwriting, and an understanding of the months of the year all at once.

traceable calendars months of the year dates2

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