What the Harry Potter Lego Game Taught Me…

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Now that my kids own a gaming system, I have started to play again. It’s not the same as my good ol’ Mario Bros but I have discovered Lego Harry Potter. And that makes me Happy.

Growing up I was an old-school Nintendo girl. Mario Brothers the original and then Super Mario 3 were my main go to games. We would play for hours. My dad would get so irritated with the sound of the game music that we started turning it down and then be blasting 4 Non-Blondes.

Hayden and I snuggle up on the couch with a blankie and some coffee and navigate the world of Harry Potter (book 1-3) *wink*

Things I Learned Playing Harry Potter

  • I should have been nicer to my dad when he was trying to learn to use the old Nintendo controller and play Mario Brothers. I’m that person now, learning the newer XBox-360 controller when I play Lego Harry Potter with my son.
  • Patience is key, but sometimes being too patient will leave you in the dust. I’m busy looking for lego pieces to pick up, hearts to collect, and Hayden rushes through and sucks me into the next room when he leaves the one we were adventuring in. Sometimes just the minimum is enough. Get it done and move on. You can always go back some other time and add more pieces to the puzzle.
  • Sometimes what you are looking for is in an unexpected place. You might think you have it all figured out, but that process just doesn’t ever pan out. You need to look at the picture from a different angle. Things might be hidden in processes that aren’t as straightforward as you anticipated.
  • It’s not always about the end process but the adventure of getting there. It’s okay to wander around, look at things, peek in the corners, collect fun things, and enjoy the journey with your friends and family. I still haven’t finished Lego Harry Potter the way I repeatedly finished Mario Brothers. I’m okay with that. I’m enjoying the time I spend playing with Hayden. I’m enjoying learning the different ways to travel through the game. I’m enjoying learning to use a new controller.

There are loads of things to learn from any of your favorite characters. Life lessons are always there for the taking (or learning). There are also tons of life hacks available online that put the story of your choice into perspective along with your own life story. I love Harry Potter in all forms. And it was the first thing that actually sucked me back into gaming. That and Plants vs Zombies. That’s a story for another day.

Do you play some type of video game with your kids? Has it been a learning process? What’s your favorite?


What I learned from the Harry Potter Lego game and playing with my son. Life lessons on the blog.

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