Top 10 Reasons You Need Social Media Marketing

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We are all out there. Somewhere on one platform or another. And sometimes it starts to feel like it is sucking you under. A huge title wave washing over your head and it’s tweeting at you the entire time (no lovely ocean sounds there!).

It’s necessary. If you want people to find you in the vast world wide web, you have to be putting yourself out there in one form or another. You have to go where the people are. Guess where they are? Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram. You need to be too. Not on all of them. But at least a couple. Here’s why…

The Top 10 Reasons you need to be marketing your business on social media. Social Media Marketing by Rhoda Design Studio. Click to read more!

Top 10 Reasons to be Marketing on Social Media

It gets you recognized! New customers will start to find you. Existing customers will start to learn more about you, recognize your products when they see them and share them with their own following.

Customer Feedback and Experience

Social media is just another form of communication. You can use it like you do your email, text, or chat to interact with your customers. It’s also a great way to keep tabs on their opinion of your brand. If they are posting about your product or service you can thank them for the positive compliments, or get a handle on a situation that could go bad.

It Makes Your Brand Stronger

Customers are more in love with business owners that take the time to interact with them. If they are talking about your business (positively or negatively) they will probably be doing it on social media. The more they talk about your brand in a positive way, the stronger it becomes! Give them something good to share…

Customer Loyalty to Your Brand

If they are following you on social media, then they are already establishing a connection with you. They wouldn’t want your information on their social feed if they weren’t interested in what you have to say. One way to boost that is to continue to share relevant content with them so they have even more reason to be loyal and to share your information.

More Conversion Opportunities

It’s not always easy to turn those interactions into sales conversions. But it entirely possible. More eyes on your content means more chances of someone remembering you when they need a product or service similar to yours. Every new tweet, post, or blog entry is another way to attract new customers and engage with your existing followers.

Opportunities Lead to Higher Conversion Rates

It’s not uncommon for businesses to report that they have seen more conversions, all due to their social media efforts. Having a presence where your clients and customers are hanging out increases the likelihood that they view you as a person behind the brand or product and they start to relate to you. Just don’t forget to actually interact with your followers. Reply to comments. Answer questions. Say thank you!

Build Traffic to Your Site

Without posts on social media, the only traffic to your site is direct traffic from people who already know about your product or service, organic google searches (that take a while to build up), or people who are accidentally finding you. Do you want to rely on accidents? With social media marketing, you are increasing your traffic to your site on your own terms.

Affordable Marketing

Using social media platforms is way more affordable than radio, television, or newspaper ads. If done correctly, your ROI (return on investment) will more than makeup for the time and cost that you spend on your social media. It is recommended that you spend at least 6 hours each week on your platform of choice to see the benefits.

Search Engine Optimization and Better Ranking

It’s a term that we all hear. SEO is important. There are huge debates over how it works and if it’s even effective. Updating your blog regularly, using appropriate meta tags, and links and interaction on your social media accounts. They all are part of the formula that Google uses to rank your site. Neglecting to have a presence on social media is just making your job of getting your information or product in front of your audience harder.

Customer’s Likes and Wants

If you are interacting with your audience then they will share ideas that they like with you or services and products they want to see you offer. You just never know where you might get your next “big idea”. It could be from one of your loyal followers that found you on social media!! This is your platform to find out what they are loving, and what they are hating. Then you can make adjustments as needed.

Hopefully, you have a better understanding of why you should be out there on at least two social media platforms. If you still feel like social media marketing just isn’t your thing, then I’m here to help. Post your questions below in the comments 🙂

What social media platforms are you already utilizing? Which ones scare you or feel overwhelming?

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