10 Super K-5 Math Teaching Resources You Absolutely Must Have

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Teaching math can be daunting and these K-5 math teaching resources can help. Each year, you have a long list of standards that you need to cover.

Let’s face it.

Textbooks never cover the curriculum in an adequate way. And there are only so many hours in a day to create centers and hands-on activities from scratch.

Using K-5 Math Teaching Resources

Printable math worksheets, math task cards, no prep centers, and other teacher created resources on Teachers Pay Teacher makes this process much smoother.

Below you will find a list of some of the best math resources that promote K5 learning. Each one can be used for a variety of activities including math practice worksheets, homework sheets, math printables for centers, and math practice with task cards.

K-5 is where the math foundation is laid. Make it a strong one with these K-5 math teaching resources.

Telling Time Math Task Cards

k-5 math teaching resources for teachers in the classroom. Telling Time bugs task cards help students learn to tell time.

These math task cards and clip cards are great for math centers, early finishers or small groups. They can be used for in-class math practice worksheets (with recording sheets) or you can send them home on a binder ring for homework practice.

Students can practice the following time increments:

– O ‘Clock
– Quarter Past the Hour
– Half Past the Hour
– Quarter to the Hour

There are two sets of cards 40 cards total in the product.
– Clip Cards / You can mark the back with the correct answer for self-checking
– Task Cards / There are 20 task cards that correspond with the answer sheets

These are great practice for grades 1-3 and for homeschool lessons.

Math Practice Worksheets for Interventions

Math Interventions Worksheets. RIT Band 181-190 worksheets for student review and practice. k-5 math teaching resources for teachers in the classroom.

These worksheets can be used for test prep (NWEA MAP, SBACC or any other state testing), math interventions, or math practice worksheets.

This set of worksheets covers Numbers and Operations, Measurement and Data, Algebraic Thinking and Geometry. Skills are for the NWEA RIT Band 180-191.

These can be used as bell work, daily practice, review, for test prep, independent centers, or to assess skills that your students need to master.

Even if your school doesn’t use MAP testing, these worksheets make a great review and practice for 2nd and 3rd-grade classrooms or for remedial practice for 4th grade.

3rd Grade Math Spiral Review

3rd Grade math spiral review for the whole year. k-5 math teaching resources for teachers in the classroom.

This is HUGE set that includes practice and a spiral review of the key concepts that your 3rd-grade students need to learn. It includes money and measurements standards for the US, numbers, and operations as well as algebraic thinking.

Included in the set are answer keys just enough practice for students to review key concepts with 9 problems a day. It’s great for morning work, homework worksheets, printable worksheets for a math warm-up, or tutoring.

You can also use this set as enrichment for 2nd-grade students who are ready to develop their 3rd-grade math skills or for your 4th-grade students who need a little bit more practice and review of previous concepts.


Choose K-5 math teaching resources that can be used for the whole year. This is a fantastic idea. Students get used to the format of the lessons, and you know the consistency will help them focus on the concept and not the structure it’s presented in.

Counting Coins Self-Checking Cards

Money cards. Cash counting bundle for grades K-2. k-5 math teaching resources for teachers in the classroom.

Practice counting coins with these self-checking task cards. They are created for math centers, morning tubs or for early finishers.

All cards have a coin amount under $1. There are three sets of cards in this bundle. By purchasing the bundle you will have a complete set of cards for three different levels of coin counting.

  • Level 1: the easiest set. Each card has only one type of coin to count.
  • Level 2: the intermediate set. Each card has coins plus pennies to count.
  • Level 3: the advanced set. Each card has any coin combination.

Use these leveled task cards with students who are in Kindergarten through 2nd grade.

Simple File Folder Math Activites

Simple math addition and subtraction file folder games and activities. k-5 math teaching resources for teachers in the classroom.

Introduce simple addition and subtraction problems using numbers up to 10 with these interactive file folder activities, giving your students a multi-sensory approach to learning. This activity is perfect for new and struggling learners. You can use the file folder activity to come up with your own problems while keeping ALL the pieces in one place.

This product also includes blank addition and blank subtraction printables:

  • 5 problems
  • 10 problems
  • 20 problems

Each printable has 3 versions:

  • no visual cues
  • number line to 10 on the bottom of the page
  • number line to 20 on the bottom of the page

Use the printables to adjust to your students’ individual needs. Kinder and 1st-grade students will love these math games and folders.

Multi-Step Word Problems

Math word tasks for grades 2-3. k-5 math teaching resources for teachers in the classroom. k-5 math teaching resources for teachers in the classroom.

Challenging math for 2nd grade, 3rd grade helps students with problem-solving multi-step tasks that mimic real-world applications. Teaches critical thinking and deeper understanding. Easy print and use format.

Kids in grade 2, grade 3 engage in challenging math stories that each require the solution to multiple problems. They must use comprehension skills and then apply their math understanding to pull relevant information and use multi-steps in order to arrive at the correct solution.

These no-prep activities are great for whole groups, small groups, individuals, centers, and homework applications. Use these activities to effectively as helpful k-5 math teaching resources and math assessment tools.

Perimeter and Area Lock Box

Perimeter and Area unlock the box math mystery. k-5 math teaching resources for teachers in the classroom.

Test your students’ understanding of perimeter and area with this fun Unlock the Box Math Mystery. Your students will use teamwork and problem-solving skills to solve the clues and unlock the box for a special surprise.

Simply fill a box with a special treat – pencils, erasers, lollipops, etc. Then, use a 4-digit lock to lock the box. Students will need to solve and answer 4 clues that require them to apply their knowledge of perimeter and area.

Put the clues into envelopes and give them to the groups of students when they are ready for them. The answer to the last clue will unlock the box.

This product includes:
Area Picture Cards to Form Groups
4 Clues that Require Knowledge of Perimeter and Area
A Teacher Cheat Sheet

It’s a great way to practice math concepts for 3rd, 4th, and 5th-grade students.

Plan a Birthday Party Project Based Learning

Plan your own birthday party. Project learning homework sheets. k-5 math teaching resources for teachers in the classroom.

Engage your students in this real-world math scenario, in which they will utilize multiple math skills to plan their own birthday party!

Students will be begging you to continue working on this fun and motivating math task! This multi-day activity will stimulate your students’ logical problem-solving skills while creating a budget and planning out everything they’ll need for a great birthday party.

You can easily differentiate this lesson for different ability level learners! Included with this product is a 4-day plan for how to easily implement this activity into your daily schedule!

Students in 2nd-4th grade will love this engaging math activity.

Multiplication Posters and Activites

Multiplication fact posters. K-5 Math Teaching Resources. 70 activities and posters for facts 1-12

Do you have students who struggle with their multiplication facts? This may be for you!

70 Activity Pages plus ANCHOR POSTERS IN 4 Vibrant DESIGNS!

Great for morning work, math practice worksheets, and homework sheets. Promotes mastery of facts through daily practice.

We know how important math fluency is for future success and these activities can help! Also included is a culminating activity which becomes a great takeaway book for your students!

This set of posters is a great way to practice multiplication facts for grades 3-5.

Test Prep Intervention Bundle

Math interventions bundle for RIT Bands 180-220. K-5 Math Teaching Resources.

NWEA MAP testing provides great information about your students’ skills. Use these task cards as an RTI intervention, classroom review, test prep, independent centers, or to assess skills that your students need to master.

Make this wonderful K-5 math teaching resource one of your staple supplies and can use it in multiple ways in your classroom.

More than 430 task cards that cover the skills for the NWEA RIT Band 180-221: Operations and Algebraic Thinking, Numbers and Operations, Measurement and Data and Geometry.

It covers math standards for 3rd, 4th, and some of 5th grade.

Math practice includes measurement activities, telling time, adding and subtracting, multiplication and division, word problems, and more!

Grades K5 Learning Math

Math is full of hard concepts that our students need to learn to move on to even harder concepts as they get older.

Start now and create a great foundation of the math concepts that will be covered in grades K-5. You can help your students succeed now and in their future math classes. Hopefully, this list of the best k-5 math teaching resources will help you to supplement your math program and engage your students in some fun and exciting math practice.

You can use these resources as task cards, homework sheets, math practice worksheets, and math centers.

If you would like to learn to create your own K-5 math teaching resources, check out this MEGA list on learning how to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers.

The 10 best K-5 math teaching resources on Teachers Pay Teachers to use with your classroom this school year.

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