Why Should You Hire a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

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Hiring a Pinterest Virtual Assistant works the same way as hiring a general assistant, only with a specific focus. If you’ve been anywhere in the world of blogging or surfing the web anytime in the last 8-9 years, you’ve heard of Pinterest.

Most likely you have been paying attention to the discussion, you know that Pinterest has really helped increase traffic and sales for many businesses, especially that of teacher-preneurs and other creatives. You have probably also seen information on hiring virtual assistants. 

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Why should you hire a Pinterest Virtual Assistant? Read the blog post to learn how they can help you grow your business and increase traffic.

Alright, if Pinterest is so great and wonderful, then “what’s the downside?” Simply put, time. That’s right, your time is very precious (particularly if you still teach in the classroom) and isn’t a commodity we teachers usually have available.

A Pinterest virtual assistant (aka PVA) can help you leverage Pinterest for your business but without you being responsible for it all! If that alone isn’t enough to convince you, here are a few more reasons to consider hiring a Pinterest assistant:

Your Pins Are Bland

If you’re relying on the websites you enjoy to come up with awesome images for you to pin, you’re already starting off on the wrong foot. While great websites usually do have nice images, you can’t rely on that for your business.

Your business deserves much better than that, and a Pinterest assistant can do just that for you. She can design pins specifically around the content you want to pin and she can make graphics that have nice images, colors, fonts, and everything else great graphic designers know how to work into a design. The other great thing about assistants is that they are familiar with working together as a team and helping you understand what you need for your business.

You’re Still Using a Personal Account

A Pinterest assistant can help move you from a “personal” Pinterest account to a business one. This is a critical move and is one you definitely need to make if you’re going to be using Pinterest for your business. On a business account, you can keep track of metrics and data, see what’s working for you, and avoid what isn’t.

These are all things that the average person can’t see (and likely doesn’t care about). Let your PVA do that work for you and let her keep track of the social metrics. She’ll also understand how to use the data from your account to best advantage which means more sale and more traffic…

You Pin at Random Times

Ever just see something pin-worthy on the internet and randomly decide you should pin it? Then that’s another reason to hire a Pinterest virtual assistant. You can’t just randomly pin things and expect Pinterest to work for your business.

Instead, you need to know the times your audience is most active on Pinterest and schedule your pins to go out at those times. Sound like way too much work? Hire a Pinterest virtual assistant to do this for you!

You may have heard of automatic schedulers that will make your pinning tasks more manageable and less time-consuming. The plus side to this is that you can sit down for a few hours and schedule all of your pins. The downside…you still have to spend all that time scheduling your pins.

A PVA will take care of this for you as well. The other downside…pinning schedulers are only half of the strategy. You also need to be spending actual time on Pinterest and pinning organically. If you are running a business, you just don’t have time for that! A Pinterest VA does though 😉

Save Time For Your Family

Most of us teacher-preneurs are looking to use Pinterest for business purposes but time is tight because between teaching, creating lesson plans, and other endeavors, we just don’t have time to use Pinterest in a way that would be to our advantage. Whether you’re looking to leverage Pinterest for personal or business reasons, a Pinterest virtual assistant can help you out.


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Why should you hire a Pinterest Virtual Assistant? Traffic helps grow your online business. Increase the sales of your teacher resources, get more views to your blog, or get more newsletter sign ups. Read the blog post to learn how they can help you grow your business and increase your traffic.

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