How I Increased My Pinterest Followers by 44%

I’m going to give you some tips and explain how I increased my Pinterest followers by 44% over the past 6 weeks. Using your Pinterest account as a source of blog and website traffic is very easy when you implement a few techniques that create pinnable images and increase your pins exposure in the Pinterest feed.

There are 6 easy steps that I implemented on my Pinterest account. I increased my Pinterest followers by 44% in 6 weeks. Read more!

The following 6 steps are all things that I implemented recently on my Pinterest account. The graph below shows my follower growth for a 44 day period. Approximately 6 weeks. Traffic to my blog has also increased and Pinterest is one of my top traffic referrals.

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How I Increased My Pinterest Followers by 44% in the past 6 weeks. Click to read more!

5 Steps to Increase Pinterest Followers

  1. Upgrade your personal Pinterest account to a business account. There are so many features that you can use to increase your website and blogs visibility on Pinterest. A couple of these include Rich Pins and Promoted Pins. You also have access to analytics that will help you understand your followers better and what else they would like to see on your Pinterest feed.
  2. Create pinnable images that are consistent with your business brand and ideals. I increased my followers by over 20 people in less than 2 days when I revamped all the images on my blog!
  3. Write board titles and descriptions that use SEO (search engine optimization) to make sure your pins are being found by followers who are interested in your content and want to repin your pins!
  4. Make your feed visually appealing. When a follower views your full Pinterest account, they should see boards that reflect your main content first. You can drag and drop your boards and change your board covers to create a great aesthetic.
  5. Pin consistently. Your followers want to know that you will be pinning great content regularly. Pinterest users are not necessarily using their accounts daily. Sometimes they only check in once a week. You can’t be online at all the ideal times, but you should be pinning during those times. Check out scheduling tools like Tailwind so you can be pinning regularly and at optimal times. This a great method that has increased my Pinterest followers, but I still manually pin as well.

Over the past 6 weeks, I have implemented all of these steps. It takes a short amount of time to start seeing your followers and traffic increase from Pinterest. Not only have I increased my Pinterest followers by over 44.5% over the past month and a half, Pinterest has become one of my top traffic sources.

My number of followers isn’t huge, but my pins are being shared, people are clicking through to my site, and my sales are increasing. That’s what it’s all about right?

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