3 Ways a Pinterest Assistant Will Help Your Business

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Hiring a Pinterest Virtual Will Help Your Business Grow

There are a number of ways that an assistant will be able to help you with your business. If you’ve read our content on what a Pinterest Virtual Assistant (PVA) can help you with and why you should hire one, you may be thinking “OK – but what are the top reasons? Just cut to the chase!” Here, that’s exactly what we’re going to do. We’ll get to the bottom of exactly how a Pinterest Virtual Assistant will help your business. Starting with…

What are your top 3 reasons to hire a Pinterest Virtual Assistant. Hiring a virtual assistant will help your business to grow and thrive by generating traffic. Click the image to read more!

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Leveraging Content

A virtual assistant can help you take your products – and only your products – and get them out there to eyes who could use them but who may not be seeing them in their Pinterest feed. Rather than pinning every product you’ve ever made, she’ll help you narrow it down to some that will do well in the Pinterest community (specifically for the boards you’re after) and will help redesign the pictures for those pins. Also, she’ll be able to write excellent descriptions (and if she’s really good, she’ll write SEO-friendly descriptions!) and know which words will pick up in Google searches the best. Ultimately, a Pinterest Virtual Assistant will really help you leverage what you have already created and need the world to see!


Believe it or not, there is a strategy to using Pinterest, and it’s more than just randomly pinning things here and there…like you’ve probably been doing. Pinterest virtual assistants know that strategy and, once learning your personal goals, will know how to strategically work your content to the best of its advantage. One of the biggest strategies is what you pin, and when you pin it. The second biggest strategy is to actually spend TIME on Pinterest. Set it and forget it (think only using schedulers) does not work as well. You have enough things to worry about maintaining your business. A Pinterest VA logs into your Pinterest account and spends time there, manual pinning. (Don’t be alarmed if you have no idea about strategy right now; that’s her job and she’ll create pins for you that will work!) 

Increase Sales

Increasing sales is the end goal, after all. What are you creating products for and posting them all over social media for if not to increase sales in your TPT store or elsewhere online? Sure you may have started out by creating products for your class, but if you’re selling them online, you want to make sales. And, rightfully so! However, if you’ve seen a dip in sales or aren’t seeing the climb you were hoping to see, it could be because you’re not using social media and the 2nd largest search engine (aka Pinterest) in the way you should.

While a Pinterest virtual assistant won’t necessarily know how to leverage all aspects of social media, she’ll know how to use one of the best areas for teachers and other creatives. Why is Pinterest one of the best areas? It’s simple: pictures. People want to buy something they can see. They don’t want to read long descriptions about products. They want to see snippets of what you have to offer, but they also need to see it in eye-catching graphics. Sound confusing? Not for your virtual assistant. To her, this makes total sense! 🙂

Ultimately, your Pinterest virtual assistant will help your business and can help you leverage the content you work so hard to create, using a strategy to help you increase sales. Do you know of some other ways a PVA is useful? Are you a PVA yourself? Comment below and let me know!


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Hiring a virtual assistant will help your business to grow by generating traffic. What are your top 3 reasons to hire a Pinterest Virtual Assistant. Click the image to read more!


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