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Maybe you aren’t sure if Pinterest is for you. Or maybe you think that because you offer a service that Pinterest won’t work. It will. And you can learn more by playing around and experimenting with pins and graphics. Using Pinterest for your business is one of the best choices you can make.

Using Pinterest for your business marketing doesn't have to be hard. Read more on the blog.

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Why Should You Be on Pinterest?

If you have a business that creates a product then you should already be on Pinterest. Why? Because it’s a visual platform and a HUGE search engine. There are over 100 million users on Pinterest (as of 9/18/15). That is a massive audience, just waiting to see your product.

For businesses that provide a service, it is equally important to have a presence on Pinterest. It provides an opportunity to market your service to your audience in a different way. That incredible audience is there for you as well, all you have to do is find ways to share that service with a visual pin.

How Do You Create Graphics to Share?

Businesses that have a product to offer should have this one in the bag. Take pictures of your product! If you have an Etsy shop or an online shop then you can pin directly from that site onto Pinterest. When someone clicks through on your pin, it will take them directly to your item.

Service providers can also create images. There are loads of businesses on Pinterest (and Instagram for that matter) that only offer services. They still find ways to create images and market them on visual platforms. My blog would be an example of this and if you start looking you will find tons more. Statistics about your field or service, inspirational quotes, motivational images that speak to your audience. It’s completely doable.

You are putting your products and services in front of millions of people for FREE and all you have to do is click a few buttons. The magic really happens when someone loves your pin and repins it to their own board. Their followers love it and repin it as well. Before you know it your image is pinned on hundreds of boards and all those hundreds of pins link right back to your website, store, or item! That is a brilliant use of Pinterest for your business!

What Do You Pin?

It’s okay to start out on Pinterest by pinning things that appeal to your personality. Create a few boards and just concentrate on adding pins to those for a while. Once you have around 20 pins on each board and feel comfortable with the process then you can start to add more boards. When you are ready to take things up a notch you can switch your account to a business account to take advantage of analytics, promotable pins, and rich pins (recipes, item prices, list, etc.).

No Time to Pin?

You can automate your pinning.

With TailWind, you can fill up a schedule and it will pin for you at the specified times and on the specified days. You can select one or more boards. Pin onto secret boards in a major pinning binge and then have those pins dripped out on the visible board a few pins at a time. Loop your boards so old content is being refreshed. And you only have to actually pin a few times a month!

Pinterest for your business just makes sense. It might take awhile to build a following and generate traffic to your site but the process is fun and informative. The only drawback is finding yourself sucked down rabbit holes of information because there is SO MUCH to see and read 😉

Are you already on Pinterest? What’s your favorite board or topic?


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