Where to Get Cute Graphics and Teacher Fonts

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Student’s enjoy having fun activities and teachers like the visual variety. If you’ve been looking around TPT for any amount of time, you’ve probably noticed that many sellers use nice clipart and type for their products. Cute graphics and fonts can be used to help you to amp up your TPT products by adding color, style, and a little pop of fun.

Gone are the days of cheesy clipart graphics and Times Roman or Arial fonts only. These days, the possibilities are truly endless! The best places I’ve found to get images and backgrounds for my TPT products are highlighted below.

Digital art can be easy to find and implement into your TPT products. If you aren’t sure where most sellers find their digital graphics and text files, keep reading. This post will tell you about the different options and websites for great digital graphics. 

Find cute graphics and fonts for your TPT Products. Learn how to find the best clipart with this blog post.

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Many of the same sellers creating dynamite products on TPT are also creating graphics and fonts you can use in your products. Clipart doesn’t seem to sell as much as it used to, which means many clipart products and fonts are available for free.

Good news: the old adage “you get what you pay for” doesn’t apply here at all!

I’ve seen some absolutely amazing graphics on the free list. Make sure you’re signed up for the TPT weekly newsletter because they give away 10 free products each week. The very last items are always clipart products and I’ve obtained a ton of goodies from that spot alone.

Do a search on TPT for clipart or fonts and be sure to check the box that says “free” for all of the freebies available. Eventually, you will want to start investing in clipart sets and adding to your collection. Starting off making your first products with free clipart is a great way, to begin with as little investment (monetarily) as possible.

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A number of TPT sellers are selling their graphics on Etsy as well. There are also a large number of sellers that have never heard of Teachers Pay Teachers but they make amazing graphics that you can still use on your products. Most of these were originally designed for digital and print scrapbooking. The themes range from back to school, all the holidays, as well as loads of life topics.

If you can’t find what you are looking for on Teachers Pay Teachers then Etsy is the next step. It’s also loaded with fun backgrounds.

Hint: search for digital scrapbook papers 

Teacher’s Notebook

Similar to TPT, Teacher’s Notebook is a marketplace of products created for teachers by teachers. They, too, offer many free products including clipart graphics and fonts. Teacher’s Notebook may not be as well-known as TPT but it’s definitely something you may want to keep in your arsenal of go-to places on the web.

Pinterest Boards

One of the best parts about Pinterest is the way it makes recommendations for you based on pins you’re viewing. I can’t tell you how many products I’ve found this way. Plus, there are many pins out there with titles such as “10 FREE teacher fonts” or “25 must-have fonts for teachers” or something similar. Plus, you’ll get an immediate preview of the fonts without having to bounce around several websites and you can download the fonts in bulk. This is also a great way to find clipart. There are a number of boards for teachers that are filled with clipart and font ideas.

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Teacher Blogs

Teacher blogs – especially blogs by teacher-authors – are a good way to find new graphics and fonts for your TPT products. Of course, Pinterest is a much faster way to obtain graphics and fonts, but blogs give you the benefit of reading the teacher’s opinion and experience. For instance, if there happens to be one graphic in the set that seems wonky, the blogger will probably mention it in her post. It’s better to know things like that upfront whenever possible.

Teachers bloggers will also sometimes do “product collections” and provide a list of their favorite artists for graphics and fonts. These might be affiliate links or they might not be. Even if they are, this doesn’t change the cost for you and most teachers will still give an honest review (or won’t even suggest a product unless they support it 100%).

Your TPT Products

If you’ve purchased a product and fell in love with its design in addition to its content, check out the “Credits” page and see where everything came from! You can also email the seller and ask for specifics. I’ve found many sellers will show a preview of the font next to the person to whom they’re giving credit, and this has made it super easy to go find the fonts or clipart myself.

At times, we find ourselves loving a product’s design elements almost as much as the content!

Cute graphics can often inspire the creation of new products simply because you love the look and want to incorporate those graphics. I’ve purchased a number of clipart sets because the graphics caught my eye first. My next thought was “this would make a great…” and then the creation process took off from there.

The options are always changing and becoming more abundant, so you’ll certainly find graphics and fonts for your TPT products easily! Do you have a favorite graphic or font artist? Tell me about them in the comments below…

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Find cute graphics and fonts for your Teachers Pay Teachers Products. Learn how to find the best clipart with this blog post.

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    1. Hi Anna,
      It depends on where you purchase them from. If they are on TPT they are giving you permission to use them in your commercial TPT products. Some of the fonts on TPT are free downloads and you need to purchase a license for each font that you use in products (KG fonts are this way…one font is usually $5…but you can download them for free and try them out first). If you are purchasing them from a different online market you will want to check with the seller and their terms of use.